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Webisoap Weekend Round-Up: Watch The Latest From Empire, Darkside of The Bay, Fumbling Thru The Pieces, The Cavanaughs and Anacostia!

We've been slacking on our macking when it comes to promoting all of the great webisoaps out there. Heck, we've been too busy following all the behind-the-scenes cray-cray in daytime! This weekend, when you aren't enjoying some of Uncle Joe's barbecue, catch up on webisoaps Empire, Darkside of The Bay, Fumbling Thru The Pieces, The Cavanaughs and Anacostia below!  READ MORE

Brian Gaskill Causes More Trouble For Bay City's Youth in Darkside of The Bay


Peter Garrett (Kristos Andrews) Lianna Ramos (Passions' Jade Harlow) and Will Campbell (Derrell Whitt) are on the wrongside of the Bay City tracks, and it doesn't look like special guest stars Brian Gaskill (Chase), Rib Hillis (Matthew) and Terri Ivens (Orchid) are going to make it very easy for them to get back home! Pay close attention to Whitt in this installment of Darkside of The Bay. Will's terror, while being held on the party boat is palpable. If I were a daytime soap casting exec, I'd wanna find out who's repping this kid. Watch Darkside of The Bay after the jump!


Port Charles Alum Brian Gaskill Terrorizes The Young' Uns in Darkside of The Bay


Bay City, California's younger generation is in a world of trouble, courtesy of several, notable daytime soap alums! In the premiere episode of The Bay's summer spinoff, Darkside of The Bay, Peter Garrett (Kristos Andrews), Liana Ramos (Jade Harlow) and Will Campbell (Derell Whitt) find themselves trapped on the wrong side of town.

That's multi-soap vet Brian Gaskill (All My Children, Models, Inc., Port Charles, Guiding Light, As The World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful as Chase Walker, the menacing dude Will runs into on the party boat. Hunky Rib Hillis (Port Charles, Passions, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) appears as gay nurse Matthew Johnson and former All My Children scene stealer Terri Ivens guests as a whacked out streetwalker named Orchid. Watch the premiere episode of Darkside of The Bay after the jump!    READ MORE

EXCLUSIVE: The Bay Creator Teases Darkside of The Bay Premiering This Thursday!

Things are about to get ugly in Bay City, California. When the younger generation of the Garrett and Ramos clans venture to the Darkside of The Bay, they find their little, young behinds in all kinds of trouble!

I recently caught up with The Bay franchise creator Gregori J. Martin who spilled the tea on Darkside of the Bay, premiering this Thursday, Aug. 9 at 3:15 pm EST. Keep reading for a sneak peek at the turmoil Marly (Days of Our Lives alum Martha Madison), Manny ( ex-General Hospital star Ignacio Serrichio) and the rest of the gang will find themselves in.

Daytime Confidential: What can fans of The Bay expect from your late summer spinoff Darkside of The Bay?

Gregori J. Martin: Well, for one, the show gets a lot edgier, a lot darker than usual. Some of your favorite Bay City regulars end up on the wrong side of tracks and find themselves in some very risky situations, to say the least! On a production standpoint, we're taking a bite out of that classic ER feel by going handheld. I think it gives it a more gritty feel. Fits the scenarios.

DC: The Bay boasts quite a bit of longterm soap vets among its cast. However, Darkside of the Bay focuses on the younger set. Will we see this shift to a focus on Gen Y throughout The Bay franchise?

GJM: Yes and no. We will definitely spend a lot more time focusing on Gen Y in Season 3. A lot more so than we've done in the past, but it'ss not to say we'll be losing the content you've gotten from our soap vets in the past. Some of these soap vets are the heart and soul, the core of what I've created with The Bay and Bay City. They aren't going anywhere. You'll just be getting faster stories and more content. Darkside is the beginning of something new and exciting on The Bay! But your favorite soap stars are still a big part of what's to come in Season 3.

Rib Hillis, Terri Ivens and Massi Furlan go to The Darkside of the Bay

Former Port Charles star Rib Hillis, ex-All My Children actress Terri Ivens and former General Hospital star Massi Furlan have joined The Darkside of The Bay. This is the latest offering from the folks that brought you The Bay and Far From The Bay.

Hillis will play Matthew Johnson, a “closeted nurse involved in an illegal escort service.” Ivens will portray a call girl by the name of Orchid.  Meanwhile, Furlan has signed on as Anton, the “wingman to the Darkside’s kingpin.”

Photo of Massi Furlan by PR Photos