Ellen Helps Dancing Tyke Meet His Idol (VIDEO)

Ellen DeGeneres has had countless, talented children perform on her talk show over the years. Often she brings them together with their idols. Whether it was Sophia Grace meeting Nicki Minaj in 2011 or on Tuesday's show, where Anthony “JFreeze” Naylor Jr. met his dance deity, Cryus “Glitch”.  It never gets old.

JFreeze stole American hearts when he auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance on May 21. Watch him meet Glitch after the jump; then re-watch Sophia Grace being surprised by Nicki Minaj.


Debmar-Mercury Renews 'Wendy Williams' Through 2016-17

Get ready to see more Wendy Williams in the coming years. Debmar-Mercury just announced they have renewed The Wendy Williams Show through the 2016-17 television season on FOX television stations. The chatfest’s renewal will cover the top television markets, locking the show in for eight seasons.

This news comes on the heels of the talk show’s previous two-year deal. Senior VP or programming for Fox Televisions Stations Frank Cicha said in a released statement,

The Wendy Williams Show has as much momentum as any show on our air right now, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Over the last few years, it’s evolved into the ideal lead-out to our morning news blocks. Like our news, the show delivers a day/date immediacy that serves as a blueprint for where we want to be the rest of the day. READ MORE

PC #66: Scandal Confidential

On today’s Pop Confidential podcast Jamey Giddens, Luke Kerr, Jillian Bowe and Melodie Aikels have been struck with a severe case of Scandal fever. From Olivia and Fitz’s sizzlin’ relationship to the spurned First Lady, the PC gang discuses it all in this special Scandal Confidential episode.

Scandal isn’t the only hot show the DC crew dishes about on ABC. Miranda Bailey faced an investigation into the deaths of her patients on Grey's Anatomy. Jamey and Luke disagree on Cristina’s storyline.
The podcast then becomes Awkward as the gang discuss a surprising death on the MTV series. Brawls erupt in The Real Housewives of New Jersey trailer, but does that have anything on Mariah Carey andNicki Minaj’s feud on American Idol?

All this and much more on today’s Pop Confidential podcast!


After Seeing The Following's Final Chapter, Do You Still Want More?

The Following finale mirrored a season that was full of some highs and lots of lows.  The first half concentrated on the FBI trying to locate Debra (Annie Parisse), who was buried alive.  Joe’s (James Purefoy) followers had left clues, which included a cell phone, so Debra could talk to Ryan (Kevin Bacon) and Mike (Shawn Ashmore).  She tearfully told them Mike was a good man, and her death wasn’t Ryan’s fault. She also wanted them to tell her family she loved them (even her culty rape parents!).
Ryan and Mike were led to the location of her kidnapper’s car, but it was a trap. A follower-sniper opened fire on them.  A gunfight ensued with police, but dozens of bullets missed their targets, before Ryan had the perp in custody.  READ MORE

Another Fan Favorite Bites the Dust and Joe Plots His Final Act on Fox's The Following

The penultimate episode of The Following required viewers to throw believability completely out of the window.  It was also rather boring and predictable, until the very shocking end.  Even though it’s not over yet, I’ve have no idea how next season could focus on Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) again.  His whole world has fallen apart. 
With the police closing in, Joe put a plan in motion to basically have his followers (the handful he has left) kill themselves for him.  Jacob (Nico Tortorella) was the only acolyte weary of being a human sacrifice. READ MORE

Joe's Plan Starts to Unravel and One Acolyte Meets His Final Story on Fox's The Following

With only a couple episodes of The Following left this season, things are really starting to hit the proverbial fan.  Mike (Shawn Ashmore) returned to cop headquarters, and immediately recognized Roderick as his torturer and Carrollite.  

However, the shady sheriff was able to make a getaway when Mike pulled his gun on him, and was promptly tackled by the clueless townie cops. READ MORE