Game Change

Bristol Palin on Julianne Moore’s Sarah Palin: “I Think My Mom's Way Hotter Than That”

As the World Turns alum Julianne Moore may have won an Emmy for her portrayal of Sarah Palin in the HBO movie Game Change, but that doesn’t mean Palin’s daughter Bristol thinks the actress deserved it.  Bristol, who returned to compete on the current season of Dancing With the Stars, told Us Weekly.

"I don't think she's a good interpreter of my mom. I think my mom's way hotter than that,"

So why does Bristol think Moore’s interpretation was lackluster?

"She doesn't have that accent. It's all kind of silly,"


Who Will Win Outstanding Miniseries or Movies?

With the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards upon us it’s time for TV fans to don their TV critic’s hats and predict which miniseries will take home the golden lady for Outstanding Miniseries or Movie.

Who will win Outstanding Miniseries or Movie?

Julianne Moore on Game Change Emmy Nod: "I Did Win a Daytime Emmy for As the World Turns in 1988"

I just love that Julianne Moore! In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the superstar reminded an entertainment journo that her Best Actress in a Miniseries Primetime Emmy nomination—for playing Sarah Palin in HBO's Game Change—isn't Moore's first dance with the golden lady. Said Moore:

"I did win a Daytime Emmy for As the World Turns in 1988," she laughs. "But I couldn't attend the ceremony because I was playing Ophelia in Hamlet at the Guthrie Theater. So they called me up and told me I won!"

Moore played identical half sisters/first cousins (Got that?) Frannie and Sabrina Hughes on the Procter and Gamble serial from 1985-88. She reprised the role of Frannie in 2010, the same year ATWT ended its 54-year run on CBS. It's so refreshing to see an A-lister who isn't afraid to mention her sudsy past. Yeah, Meg Ryan, we're talking to you! Watch a clip of Moore as Oakdale's Frannie and Sabrina after the jump!

OLTL's Brittany Underwood To Star In HBO's Game Change

Former One Life To Live star, Brittany Underwood announced on Twitter her new gig appearing in HBO's upcoming movie, Game Change. Underwood tweeted:

Just found out I'm leaving tmw for Baltimore to start shooting HBO's new film Game Change for 6 weeks....oh whatsup last minute information . READ MORE