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Gossip Girl Spinoff Rumor Not True

Star Magazine set off the latest round of Gossip Girl spinoff rumors yesterday morning  when they reported that a possible spinoff would focus on the early romance between Rufus and Lily and how they first fell in love. However, by late yesterday afternoon Kristin over at E Online had debunked the report.

Would you have enjoyed a Lily and Rufus prequal?

Gossip Girl: O Brother, Where Bart Thou?

I don't know how many of you watched last night's Gossip Girl but I went into it with high hopes and finished it with all my expectations met. This is without question the best performance Ed Westwick has given. The scenes where Chuck broke down in Blair's ( Leighton Meester) arms were gripping.

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Gossip Girl Gets Spinoff?

Could Gossip Girl be getting itself a backstabbing little sister of a spinoff? That's the rumor according to Zap2it.

"Nothing really tangible yet, but we're talking about it," says Ostroff. "If it's the right idea, we'd all embrace it and be enthusiastic, but nobody more than Josh and Stephanie want to make sure there's the right idea that they can wrap their arms around and really be excited about."

It's possible that during the second half of this "GG" season could serve as a backdoor pilot to test how fans react to one of the main characters pulling his/her own weight in a different setting.

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Kelly Rutherford Pregnant

Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford is expecting a second child in June, according to Star.

Gossip Girl's Connor Paolo Rejects Offer to Become Series Regular

What is Gossip Girl's Connor Paolo thinking? The economy is in the toilet, hit shows are hard to find and any out of work actor his age is ready and more than willing to take over his role and now Michael Ausiello is reporting that Paolo rejected an offer to become a series regular? Now that is self confidence.