Gossip Girl

A Gossip Girl Lands in Llanview

Soaps.com is reporting that Amanda Setton (Penelope, Gossip Girl) is taking a break from the Upper East Side and trying Llanview on for size. Setton will play Summer, a new girl who will hit town late this summer (pun intended).

We don't know much about this new character but we'd love to hear where you see Summer fitting in?

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 06.03.09

Alexis… Is an affair with the Mayor being aired, publicly? Some SAY Kristina MAY be the one to burst her mother’s bubble but where is this all coming from? The Mayor’s mistress storyline. I’ve been telling you about Matt’s story that involves the mistress. She’s the patient that dies on Dr. Hunter and Diane learns the family is planning on suing Matt for malpractice. Why Diane? Isn’t she a mob attorney? What does she have to do with a malpractice suit brought against a doc? Remember the days when GH had their own Counsel? Diane is SAID to fill in her BFF Alexis who looks into the case but the Mayor wants his DA to back off or else. Or else what Mayor Floyd? He threatens to go public with their affair. Hmmmm…. He wants Alexis to not dig in too deep into his mistress and her untimely death but he’s willing to out their previous romp? Never one to be threatened Alexis is prepared to call the Mayor on his threat but Kristina “the wild child” Corinthos needs less drama and a mama out of the tabloids. READ MORE

Gossip Girl Season Finale, What Did You Think?

Gossip Girl ended the season a very happy moment for many fans of one couple (see image after the jump), but it also set up next season. The episode was an improvement over last week's flashback episode, but was it a fitting season finale? I'm not sure it was. Warning: Continue reading at your own expense. Season finale discussed after the jump. READ MORE

From Chuck Bass, to Wuthering Heights' Heathcliff

Gossip Girl baddie Ed Westick has been tapped to play Heathcliff in an upcoming big screen revisitation of Wuthering Heights, according to Variety. I'm trying to figure out how exactly this will stretch Westwick's acting muscle, since his GG character Chuck Bass is basically Heathcliff-in-Prep School. Gemma Arterton will play Cathy, now that Natalie Portman has opted out due to a scheduling conflict.

"Melrose" Hire Staffers; "Gossip" Spinoff Possible for Midseason

It looks like the Melrose Place update has proven a surer bet than the Gossip Girl spinoff. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Melrose Place and Vampire Diaries have both been given the go ahead to hire staffers. I don't know about y'all, but I can't wait to see my Sydney (Laura Leighton) and Michael (Thomas Calabro) again! Even if I do have to endure Ashlee Simpson. Now if they can just rescue Josie Bissett (ex-Jane) from that Secret Lives of Teenagers Who Need To Be On The Pill business on ABC Family. As for the Gossip Girl spinoff, featuring Guiding Light alums Brittany Snow and Cynthia Watros, it could possibly still happen as a mid-season replacement. Why don't they just scrap the retro sludge and make Gossip Girl book series companion, The It Girl into a GG television spinoff?! Lil' Jenny is da bizness!

Gossip Girl "Valley Girls" Reaction

Last night's Gossip Girl featured the flashback "Valley Girls" episode which may or may not lead to a prequel spinoff, based on the character of Lily Rhodes van der Woodsen (Brittany Snow and Kelly Rutherford). I enjoyed the episode, because of the back story it provided, but was it enough to get you to watch as a series? Snow has obvious appeal and did a bang up job in the role of Young Lily. Krysten Ritter is a talented actress and provided a good balance as Lily's older sister Carol.

Owen Campos, portrayed by Shiloh Fernandex, seemed like a poor man's Chuck Bass, but had obvious chemistry with Snow and left me wanting to see more. The part of the story that intrigued me most was how Keith van der Woodsen (Matt Barr)— Serena's future father— and Lily end up marrying, considering their obvious distaste for one another in the episode. Did anyone else get a Draco Malfoy feeling from Keith like I did?

All-in-all I enjoyed the episode, but do you think it gave us enough for its own spinoff?