PETA Goes Bananas Over Jesse McCartney Eating Monkey Brains

Uh oh. It looks like soap stud-turned-pop star Jesse McCartney has run afowl, I mean afoul, of the good folks over at PETA. According to Allie Is Wired, the All My Children alum and Greek guest star has ruffled the feathers of the animal activism group by copping to eating monkey brains during a recent trip to Asia. Here's what McCartney had to say for himself: 

It was a little chewy and a little bland. It could have been seasoned a lit bit more to tell you the truth."

Poor kid. Someone should have told him it would have been a better career move to admit to doing heroin or cheating on his taxes than daring to admit to being a carnivore in Hollyweird. Here's PETA's statement:

You'd have to be bananas to eat monkey flesh or any meat. When it comes to the ability to feel pain and suffer, a monkey is no different from chickens, cows and pigs. All animals deserve respect, which is why PETA promotes a vegetarian lifestyle. READ MORE

GREEK Season 3 Promo

GREEK returns for its third season on ABC Family tonight.

As the World Turns "Too Serious" For Spencer Grammer

In an interview with USA Today, GREEK's Spencer Grammer told the newspaper her experience on As The World Turns as Lucy Montgomery was "too serious." Comedy, she says, "is the unrelenting drive to make something real."

Spencer preferring comedy over drama explains a lot. That's all I'm going to say on the matter...

Primetime Spoiler Round-Up!

Primetime Spoiler Round-Up

So many shows are in repeats (remember that digital conversion was set to be happening right about now) that I didn’t have much to scoop on. Let’s see what’s out there in the land of Primetime

Grey’s Anatomy
McSteamy and McDreamy in a McScuffle? Apparently these two beat the hell outta one another. Is it over Little Grey? What’s up with Izzie and her clean bill of health? Well it’s not so clean after all. I mentioned a few weeks back that it looks like those interns messed up the blood sample and Izzie is indeed sick. Will the third time be a charm for Callie?

The cross-over event concludes tonight but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some separate Private Practice scoop. Sheldon and Violet lead a couples counseling group together. Looks like the therapists become the patients. Who’s the daddy? I’m not sure but Lord help me if it’s Sheldon. His character bores me to tears.

I’m a huge fan of BONES but I’m not so sure I’m ready for a Brennan – Booth hook-up. RUMOR has it the pair will hit the sheets before the season ends. First though, something’s up in the lab and the main characters are all suspects. READ MORE

Primetime Spoiler Round-Up!

Primetime Spoiler Round-Up!

GREEK I’m just crazy about these kids at Cyprus Rhodes. They’ve been picked up for a third season but their friends at Kyle XY got the AX. GREEK returns with the second half of the second season on March 30th with Max! Casey’s boyfriend has ditched grad school in favor of sticking in Ohio with Casey. Will he constantly remind his girlfriend what he’s given up for her? The craziest GREEK news comes from an exclusive on courtesy of Mr. Michael Ausiello. Apparently the third season will be light one cast member. Frannie, the rogue ZBZ, will not be a series regular. She’s in a pretty major storyline as the season finale cliffhanger was Frannie setting up a new sorority and taking a bunch of ZBZ’s with her. With Frannie leaving campus, what does that mean for Evan? Will we get a Casey-Evan reunion? What about Casey and Cappie? Will they ever get back together? SPOILERS say Casey and Cappie spend time together when Max is away. All MY Children fans, well Jesse McCartney fans, remember the heartthrob is also slated to appear this season on GREEK.

I’m adding a new show to the Round-Up. Army Wives is a great show on Lifetime from the same folks that gave us Grey’s Anatomy. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. They are adding two new African American cast members to the upcoming season and Roger Newcomb at We Love Soaps says one role MAY be what Real Andrews (ex-Taggart, General Hospital) auditioned for. READ MORE

GREEK: Calvin's Got a New Boyfriend

Rusty's pal Calvin is getting a new love interest this season on GREEK. As the World Turns and Dante's Cove (Logo) alum Gregory Michael (Clark, ATWT) has been cast as a yet to come out of the closet Omega Chi brother. Michael Ausiello has the exclusive news. According to Ausiello, Gregory's character comes on to Calvin and the two wind up as roomies.

GREEK returns to ABC Family on March 30, 2009.