Home and Away


Nickelodeon's attempt at capturing the High School Musical audience airs tonight (8/7c). Starring Ex-Home and Away and current The Young and the Restless star Tammin Sursok this movie is sure be a enjoyment for all. Will you be tuning in?

Next Week on Home and Away

Next week (February 2nd-6th) on Home and Away, the fallout of Jack's (Paul O'Brien) death continues, Melodie (Celeste Dodwell) runs off, and the Melbourne adventure begins. Xavier (David Jones Roberts) and Hugo (Bernard Curry) return to the bay permanently, VJ (Felix Dean) is kidnapped, and so much more.

What storyline are you looking forward to the most this week?

Next Week on Home and Away

Next week Home and Away is going on location to Melbourne as the hunt for Melody (Celeste Dodwell) begins. Will they find her before it's too late?

Oscar Nominee Heath Ledger Got His Start In Soaps

On the first anniversary of Heath Ledger's death, the actor has received a post-humous Oscar nomination for his role in last year's summer block buster The Dark Knight. But did you know Heath had soap origins? These clips feature Heath in the Australian soap opera Home and Away, where he played the role of Scott Irwin back in 1997. READ MORE

Next Week On Home and Away

Hugo Austin (Bernard Curry) comes to Summer Bay along with his brother Xavier (David Jones Roberts) but is he on the wrong side of the law? Post your thoughts about the promo, and your theories in the comments.

Thursday On Home and Away