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INTERVIEW: Erika Slezak Dishes Her Second Life to Live

Soap opera's grandest dame is ready for her second act. I recently caught up with six-time Daytime Emmy winner Erika Slezak to discuss the return of her beloved One Life to Live. How is television's—and soon-to-be the Internet's—Viki Lord dealing with her second life to live? After Prospect Park's first attempt to reboot the sudser fell through, what made Slezak sign on for a second time?

She answers those questions, as well as providing insight into what her legendary father, Walter Slezak, would make of soaps on the web. Slezak also goes into detail on why she feels Brian Frons isn't responsible for OLTL and All My Children being cancelled by Disney-ABC.

Daytime Confidential: How does it feel to slip back into the role of Viki?

Erika Slezak: I’m very excited. After the whole thing kind of fell apart almost two years ago, we thought, “Oh boy, what a shame.” Because it was such a good idea. When it came back, I thought, “You know when you die on daytime, you don’t really die!” You can always come back, even without a head! So why can’t that be true for the show? Even though someone said to me, “The show’s dead.” I said, “You’re never really dead in daytime. Ever!” So it turns out we’re not dead. READ MORE

SPOILERS: TOLN Provides First Week Teasers for One Live to Live and All My Children!


The April 29 premiere date for the new, online versions of All My Children and One Life to Live is almost upon us, which means more details are becoming available by the minute! TOLN has provided the following teasers for the first week of AMC and OLTL air shows. Check 'em out after the jump!


One Life to Live Reveals SEXY Trailer Set to The Script's "Hall of Fame"! (VIDEO)


TOLN has offered up a sexy music video teasing the April 29 return of One Life to Live. From the looks of things, Llanview, Pennsylvania is about to be one sexually-charged town. Shoot, I even spied Bo (Robert S. Woods) and Nora (Hillary B. Smith) getting busy on the FLOOR! Watch the teaser, set to The Script's "Hall of Fame", below.


Jeff Kwatinetz Talks Online Distribution, Business Models and Social Soaps With Forbes

All eyes in the entertainmernt business community are on Prospect Park's Jeff Kwatinetz, as the CEO's potentially game-changing plan to bring daily soaps online gets ready to kick off with the April 29 returns of One Life to Live and All My Children. Kwatinetz recently gave an exclusive interview with Forbes about the ambitious venture every soap fan is hoping he can pull off. Here are a few excerpts:

On why Prospect Park's The Online Network (TOLN) chose to launch with soaps:

"First of all, I love the soaps.  But they also presented us with an opportunity to take a property that has an extremely loyal, long-term fan base and resurrect it in a new format.  Taking One Life to Live and All My Children online was a chance for us to make these shows great." READ MORE

One Life to Live Co-Head Writer OUT!


The first episode of TOLN's One Life to Live update hasn't even aired, and the soap's co-head writer is already out the door! Soap Opera Network broke news of Susie Bedsow Horgan exiting the serial.


Wanna Watch The One Life to Live/All My Children Premieres With These Hotties in NYC?


New York radio station Z100 is offering suds fans the chance to get a glimpse of the premieres of All My Children and One Life to Live ahead of the soaps' April 29 return dates. Oh and get this, the serial's red-hot cast will be present! READ MORE