INTERVIEW: One Life to Live's Hillary B. Smith Talks Web Soaps, "Bora" Sex and Loving Her New Matthew


Hillary B. Smith is no stranger to the world of online soap operas. The One Life to Live powerhouse has starred in such digital hits as Venice and Fumbling Thru The Pieces; plus she was a producer on Crystal Chappell's pilot for The Grove. With all that dot com drama experience under her belt, does Llanview's Nora Buchanan have any tips for Prospect Park, as they bring OLTL and All My Children online? She says they have it covered.

Speaking of having things covered, the soap vet gushes about Robert Gorrie, the young man charged with introducing a now adult Matthew Buchanan to the web. How will Bo (Robert S. Woods) and Nora react to their son's somewhat douchey behavior? Find out below what Smith told me on the red carpet before the premieres of the new OLTL and AMC!

Daytime Confidential: You're an early adapter to the web, having done Venice and Fumbling Thru The Pieces.

Hillary B. Smith: And The Grove!

DC: And The Grove?

HBS: I produced The Grove.

DC: Awesome, I didn't know that! Have you had any advice for the Prospect Park people as they embark on this venture?

HBS: I'm very careful to let them ask questions. If they want to ask me something, I'm happy to share with them my experiences, but they haven't really had to ask. I think they're way ahead of the game, so that's great. They've done their research.


INTERVIEW: OLTL's Jerry verDorn on BE, Clint Being Off House Arrest and If Guiding Light Could One Day Return

Soap veteran Jerry verDorn has experienced quite the roller coaster ride career-wise. Just a few years after he exited popular CBS sudser Guiding Light, the long-running daytime drama was cancelled. TV's former Ross Marler found a new suds hub on ABC Daytime's One Life to Live, re-creating the role of newspaperman-turned-tyrant Clint Buchanan. No sooner than verDorn had made the role of Clint his own, Disney made the boneheaded decision to cancel OLTL.

Never fear. Production company Prospect Park licensed the rights to OLTL and sister soap All My Children, with plans to continue both online. When Prospect Park's first stab at transitioning daytime soaps to the internet fell apart, verDorn was just as crestfallen as the two soaps' legions of fans. Flash forward to one star-studded night in late April 2013, where verDorn walked an NYU red carpet for the premieres of the new OLTL and AMC, with other members of the beloved, Agnes Nixon serials' cast and crew.

I managed to pick the talented thespian's brain for a few minutes before the screening. Will the online version of OLTL tell big business stories, inspired by primetime soap Dallas, like its predecesor did in the 80's? Could the returns of OLTL and AMC lead to more soap reboots? Keep reading for verDorn's thoughts on both subjects and more.

Daytime Confidential: The Buchanans on One Life to Live were initially kind of patterned after the Ewings from Dallas, which is now back on the air. Will we see any big, corporate battles at Buchanan Enterprises on the new show?

Jerry verDorn: I think eventually you will. We haven't shot it yet, but that's very much in the cards. One good thing, though, Clint is finally out from under house arrest. I can go to a different set! [Laughs] READ MORE

The Hollywood Reporter Publishes Article Filled With Errors on Online Soap Reboots

Maybe it isn't such a good thing that the mainstream entertainment press is so temporarily enamored by behind-the-scenes soap drama? Earlier today, The Hollywood Reporter ran an article chock full of inaccuracies concerning the latest leg in the ABC vs. Prospect Park battle. 

For starters, THR's report claims in its subhead that ABC filed a lawsuit over an advertising spot for the new One Life to Live and All My Children. The actual text of the article doesn't say anything about a lawsuit filed by ABC,  it instead states:

ABC sources say the network was willing to accept ads within GH because of the licensing relationship, but on April 17 when Prospect submitted an ad for OLTL that included Howarth prominently. ABC refused it -- on the grounds that it would confuse the audience. READ MORE

One Life to Live's Tuc Watkins Talks Being a Gay, Single Dad on 'Marie'


David Vickers Buchanan may only be concerned with how to score his next 15 minutes of fame on One Life to Live (returning April 29), but his portrayer is opening up about more familial ambitions. On an upcoming episode of Hallmark Channel's Marie, Tuc Watkins discusses his life as a single, gay dad to twins.  TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan got an exclusive clip of the chat.  Check it out after the jump!


"Todd and Blair" Remind Everyone There's Only 10 Days Until The New One Life to Live! (PHOTO)

Despite all the behind-the-scenes, legal cray-cray, it's nice to remember that in 10 days two of our beloved stories are coming back to us. While we let ABC and Prospect Park duke it out, I think it's perfectly okay to celebrate pics like the one above of Roger Howarth and Kassie DePaiva reprising the roles of Todd Manning and Blair Cramer on the new One Life to Live. Did I mention OLTL and All My Children will be back in 10 days???

SHOCKER: Prospect Park SUES ABC For $25 Million Over All My Children/One Life to Live Reboots!

The Hatfields and the McCoys don't have hot shiznit on ABC and Prospect Park. Deadline is reporting PP has filed a breach of contract lawsuit against ABC to the tune of $25 million. At issue? You guessed it, how One Life to Live characters were used on General Hospital! READ MORE