All My Children's Agnes Nixon: "I Always Have a Great Story in Mind For Erica Kane!"

All My Children returns to the digital airwaves in under two weeks — without the soap opera's most famous face. Will legendary creator Agnes Nixon be able to convince her protégé and pal Susan Lucci to return as Erica Kane? Here's what Nixon told TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan:

"Susan has so many other commitments these days but I certainly see her in our future.  She is such a talent and a dear friend. I remember the first time I saw her when she auditioned for AMC. I thought she was too beautiful to be a good actress. I was so happy to be wrong! I do hope with all my heart that Susan will be free enough to come back to us for a while." Adds the scribe with a laugh: "You know me. I always have a great story in mind for Erica Kane!" READ MORE

Cady McClain's Alter Ego Suzy F****** Homemaker Explains How to Watch All My Children Online (VIDEO)

How on Soap Earth am I just discovering Cady McClain's Suzy F****** Homemaker videos??? I am coding on a gurney, as I witness the cigarette-wielding housewife explain how to watch All My Children on Hulu. Check out the crazy fun after the jump! READ MORE

TV Journalist Leslie Miller to Host Friday Recap Show For TOLN Soaps

Former KABC journalist Leslie Miller will be hosting the weekly recap show for All My Children and One Life to Live, Prospect Park announced today. Produced by Tomorrow Productions (a division of NBC News production company Peacock Productions) the installments will air on Fridays. As previously reported, new episodes of AMC and OLTL will air Mon.-Thurs. on Hulu, Hulu Plus, iTunes and FX Canada. READ MORE

JWoww on OLTL Gig: "I Want to Live, Die, Get Killed, Come Back as My Evil Sister"

JWoww is ready to dive right into a myriad of soap stereotypes and cliches via her new job on One Life to Live.  The reality TV starlet was interviewed by E! on the red carpet for Logo's NewNowNext Awards. Here's a snippet of what she had to say about being cast as bartender Nikki:

"I originally found it pretty hysterical and I was like, ‘Oh my god, it would be awful,'" JWoww, who plays a bartender on the show, told us this weekend at the Logo NewNowNext Awards in Hollywood. "But now I'm madly in love with it. I'm totally obsessed. I want to live, die, get killed, come back as my evil sister." READ MORE

TOLN Releases a Pretty Effin' Amazing Trailer For The New All My Children (VIDEO)


Okay, okay, I will be the first to admit it. I was more than a little cynical when I first learned Prospect Park was making a second stab at bringing back All My Children and One Life to Live. There, are you happy? 
With only a matter of days left before the soaps return on April 29, I  have to say, I am hella impressed with what I'm seeing so far! Today, TOLN revealed a trailer video for the new season of All My Children. Although I will argue anyone down that it was only my pollen allergies, a couple of tears were a' shed.

My DARLING, BIANCA (Eden Riegel)!!!!! ANGIE (Debbi Morgan)!!! DIXIE (Cady McClain)!!! PETEY (Rob Wilson)!!! PETEY (Rob Wilson)!!! Did I mention, PETEY (Rob Wilson)??? Watch the video after the jump.


BREAKING NEWS: FX Canada to Air New Episodes of One Life to Live and All My Children!


Since news of Prospect Park's plans to reboot One Life to Live and All My Children first began to trickle out, one big question has remained — how would our neighbors to the North watch the sudsers? That question has finally been answered. FX Canada has signed an exclusive, North American deal to air the resurrected soaps!

That's right Canucks, you will be able to catch every scandalous hook-up and over-the-top return from the dead when OLTL and AMC return on April 29. AMC will air every day at noon EST/2 pm PST on the cabler. OLTL will air at 12:30/2:30 PST.

All My Children and One Life to Live are a unique addition to FX Canada’s slate of provocative and critically-acclaimed dramas,” said Scott Moore, President of Broadcast, Rogers Media. “As the only television channel in North America broadcasting these new series, FX Canada continues its commitment to deliver exclusive, premium content to its viewers.” READ MORE