BREAKING NEWS: Prospect Park Begins Hiatus For All My Children and One Life to Live Early Amid Union Dispute!

The planned summer hiatus for All My Children and One Life to Live will begin earlier than expected — like tomorrow! In a statement to the press, The Online Network confirmed a dispute with the union representing production staffers on both soaps is causing production to stop on June 6, as opposed to June 17. When will the soaps return to production? According to TOLN, that depends on when the dispute is settled. See the full statement below. READ MORE

Susan Lucci on All My Children Scheduling Challenges: "I'm Trying, and They Are Trying"

Just what has been the hold up in regards to Erica Kane fabulously descending upon Pine Valley? All My Children legend Susan Lucci broke it down in a recent We Love Soaps interview. Said La Lucci:

"I'm trying, and they are trying.  There's a lot to work out simply because when they went into production I was in Atlanta working on the Marc Cherry series, DEVIOUS MAIDS.  And now we're about to start Season 2 on my Investigation Discovery series, DEADLY AFFAIRS next week in New York.  So that's a lot of complicated scheduling.  Plus, ALL MY CHILDREN's schedule is also complicated and challenging because they work five weeks on and five weeks off.  So trying to marry those two things, that's what the challenge is and that's what we're going to try to make happen." READ MORE

FIRST LOOK: As The World Turns' Paolo Seganti as One Life to Live's Arturo Bandini!

A sexy newcomer is headed to Llanview, Pennsylvania, one who looks an awful lot like a former resident of Oakdale, Illinois — by way of Malta. Check out the first snapshot above of popular As The World Turns alum Paolo Seganti as One Life to Live's art enthusiast Arturo Bandini. READ MORE

SPOILERS: Prospect Park Begins Offering Up More Detailed All My Children and One Life to Live Episode Deets!

Following their decision to cut the number of weekly episodes of All My Children and One Life to Live in half, Prospect Park is offering up much more detail in their episode teasers. Smart move, if you ask me.

If bloggers and traditional print journalists are going to be able to come up with content to help generate buzz for these sudsers in advance, we need to know a little bit more about what's going on! Check out the latest storyline teasers below. READ MORE

Report: FX Canada Replaces All My Children and One Life to Live With 30 Rock Reruns

What exactly does Prospect Park's decision to cut down on new episodes of All My Children and One Life to Live mean for their pact with FX Canada? According to Canadian entertainment journalist Nelson Branco (Soap Opera Uncensored), the cabler is replacing the soaps with repeats of 30 Rock. Tweeted Branco:


One Life to Live and All My Children Stars Rally Behind Their Suds Following Episode Cuts


Since talk of Prospect Park renewing their efforts to bring back One Life to Live and All My Children first began, the production company has benefited tremendously from guerilla-style, social media marketing from the sudsers' passionate stars. Legendary actors Vincent IrizarryCady McClain, Jill Larson, Debbi Morgan, Kassie DePaiva and Robin Strasser have led the charge in spreading positive news about the endeavors. They've been aided by newcomers like Rob Wilson, Sal Stowers, Eric Nelsen and Rob Gorrie.

Many of these stars have been working overtime to quell panic from fans since Prospect Park announced they were cutting their weekly number of episodes in half. Below are a sample of their tweets and Facebook posts: