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Should Kate Gosselin Have Been Booted Before Aiden Turner? He Thinks So!

Who does Aiden Turner (ex-Aidan Devane, All My Children) think should have been eliminated from Dancing With the Stars before he was? Reality star and tabloid cover queen Kate Gosselin. In an interview with TV Guide he wonders if showing more cleavage would helped him last longer.

"I was hoping [Kate] would go before me!" he laughs. "She's a sweetheart, but I'd rather her go out than me. 'Hey, go home! Get out!' She's a very popular girl. She's on the cover of all the magazines. She's got a lot of fans out there that are supporting her. At the same time, maybe I should've shown more cleavage. Maybe that's what I did wrong."

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Should Kate Gosselin have been booted before Aiden Turner?


Kate Gosselin Guest Co-Hosts on The View

Kate Gosselin made her guest co-host debut on The View today and Sherri Shepherd got right to the point by asking "I want to know, how do you handle him bringing that girl around your children?" Kate's response, "I'm not going to lie. It's difficult." Watch the entire segment at The View's website.