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INTERVIEW: Lauralee Bell on Anti-Texting & Driving Web Series and Why She'd Love a Cricket/Nikki Catfight on Y&R

Lauralee Bell thrives on a busy, productive life. The wife/mother/actress/writer/producer is the textbook definition of indefatigable, a trait she says she learned from her famous parents, soap legends William J. and Lee Phillip Bell.

I recently caught up with Bell, who in December launched her third web series, mI promise. Unlike the wacky antics of Family Dinner, or the glamorous hijinks of Just Off Rodeo, Bell's news project, mI promise, deals with a powerful, topical subject — teenagers and texting-while-driving.

mI promise is the story of Riley (Cassidy Ann Shaffer of iCarly and Austin & Ally fame), a brand new 16-year-old, who can't wait to start her fabulous new life of going to parties with hot boys and driving her own car. When an unthinkable tragedy strikes, Riley's young life is changed forever.

 Daytime Confidential: Congratulations on the launch of your new web series, mI promise! After creating a pair of zany web comedies, Family Dinner and Just Off Rodeo, what made you want to go the drama route?

Lauralee Bell: I wanted to go the drama route because I felt this is such an important topic. Parents need to lead by example and give their kids a way to see that there are other ways to live your life, as we see in future episodes, besides just looking down at their phones. There is not enough out there where kids show kids what can happen if they make a mistake. I just want the example to be a character, for it to never have to be a real friend.


DC INTERVIEW: Young and Restless Grad Lauralee Bell Chats Up Return of Her Funny Web Series Just Off Rodeo


The Young and The Restless alum Lauralee Bell (Christine "Cricket" Blair) has transitioned from her days portraying one of soap opera's most angsty characters, to building her own webisodic TV empire with husband Scott Martin. With comedies Family Dinner and Just Off Rodeo—the latter of which just returned with a hilarious, smart, sassy third installment—Bell is doing her family name proud.

I recently caught up with the former soap starlet to dish the actress making the move to writing, directing and producing her own content. Does she hope to one day see Just Off Rodeo on TV, or does she prefer the web model? I also found out what the beautiful and talented Hollywood royal thinks her father, the late William Bell (creator of The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful with her mother Lee Phillip Bell), would have to say about the current state of the daytime soap opera and TV on the World Wide Web.

Daytime Confidential: Just Off Rodeo is back with its third episode. Will the series be airing more new installments in the future?

Lauralee Bell: It's certainly our intention to air more episodes of Just Off Rodeo. We are already discussing bringing on another character that was in my initial concept 10 plus years ago and of course, continue with the surprises of what will be our next few chosen items for purchase.

DC: The show is really funny, hip and well shot. It looks like a primetime series. How did you circumvent the sound and camera issues that tend to plague so many web series?

LB: Scott and I have a great crew around us who are always on top of the new technology. David Gil brought to our attention these fabulous cameras that are the size of a camera you'd use at your child's graduation. It's amazing to me, after the years on Y&R with our massive ones. The clarity is remarkable and I can't get over, with each episode, how clear and primetime TV these [webisodes] look. Having our episode filled with the color of Cat's wig and our merchandise really made this episode pop. READ MORE

Love This: Lauralee Bell's New Web Series Just Off Rodeo is Just Fabulicious!

The ever-enterprising Lauralee Bell (Family Dinner) is back with a new web series entitled Just Off Rodeo. Co-created with her hubby Scott Martin under their Martin-Bell Productions shingle, Just Off Rodeo revolves around  Danielle (Jennifer Birmingham), a vapid heiress, whose dad forces her to work at his posh Beverly Hills boutique and Cat (Zoe Taylor), a starstruck salesgirl. Think Ugly Betty, except no one is ugly. READ MORE