Knight Rider

Cancelled, Cancelled Read All About It!

This fall season has brought a lot of woes, and tears to some.  Some cries of anger from others and in some cases of a collective "Wait..... what?"  We now find ourselves at the critical half way point and some shows have left the canvas already, others are on their way out the door.  Just about everyone is about to go on hiatus through the holidays, then we have the midseasons coming in. 

After the jump we'll take a look at a list of what shows will be falling by the wayside in the not too distant future. READ MORE

Knight Rider Halts Production Early

This just in! The Live Feed is reporting that production of Justin Bruening's Knight Rider has been halted. The series will end the season with its 17th episode. 

According to The Live Feed "The format changes are still going to air in the coming weeks, but the cutback suggests there is little expectation that a revamp will reverse the action-drama's ratings decline."

Thanks to DSBROADWAY for the tip!

A Season for Giving

Product placement on TV shows are usually tricky, awkward and terribly cheesy affairs. For example, there was the insanely stupid episode of Smallville where "krpytonite charged" Stride gum  (I am serious, folks) turned Pete Ross into a po' Black version of Plastic Man. I will never in my lifetime buy a pack or chew a stick of Stride because of that hot, sticky mess. What about the current incarnation of Knight Rider, which is nothing more than a 60 minute commercial for Ford Motor Company? No wonder the automaker is on the verge of collapse. Who can forget the Pringles induced nightmares on Guiding Light or the pallet of Bounty paper towels upon which Dusty & Lucy slept on while on the run on As the World Turns. Oy vey!

Every once in a while, shows get it right like the sublimely funny, brilliant product placements on 30 Rock such as these for Bee Movie, Verizon and Snapple. Add to the list of how these placements can be done right the aforementioned ATWT's placement/PSA for veggie juicer V8. Here is how it went down: READ MORE

Knight Rider Revs Up For Reboot

Great news Knight Rider fans who haven't been happy with NBC's remake. According to Zap2it Knight Rider is getting rid of Bruce Davison, Sydney Tamiia Poitier and Yancey Arias after the initial 13 episodes of this season.

In their attempt to move closer to the original show's format today's Knight Rider will focus on the stories of helping ordinary people rather than Michael (Justin Bruening) and KITT defending against the latest "terrorist of the week."

Now if only they'd get rid of Val Kilmer as KITT's voice. He's got to be costing a pretty penny. Who knows, I might actually tune back in now that the three characters I liked least are leaving.

Justin Bruening's Knight Rider Picked Up!

Holy Knight Rider, K.I.T.T.! Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello is reporting that Justin Bruening's Knight Rider has been picked up for a full season by NBC.

NBC Orders Four More Knight Rider Scripts

See that grin on Justin Bruening's face? He has something to smile about. According to Zap2it, NBC has ordered four more scripts for Bruening's show, Knight Rider.

Have you kept watching Knight Rider after its debut?