Knots Landing

An Ode to Abby Fairgate

For the past few weekends, we've been debating the merits of Joan Collins and her legendary Dynasty bee youch Alexis Carrington Colby. While I readily admit Alexis will go down in soap history as the most famous of the 80's primetime soap vixens,  she was never truly my cup of detergent. Dynasty was the primetime soap I enjoyed the least. I appreciated it's camp and glamour, but if I wanted to see overly-dramatic people in gharish costumes do outlandish things, I'd simply have gone to a drag show, not that I would have gotten in at 9-years-old. 

I much preferred the more subdued, methodical villainy of characters like Abby Fairgate (Donna Mills), who slept her way through Seaview Circle, and to the top of Corporate California on Knots Landing, or Angela Gioberti Channing (Jane Wyman), who plotted and schemed against her own son and nephew on Falcon Crest. Here are a few clips providing a Cliff's Notes lesson in soap opera bitchery featuring primetime's unsung vamp, Abby Fairgate. God I miss that damn Cul-de-Sac! READ MORE

Rena Sofer and Donna Mills on Thanksgiving Dirty Sexy Money!!

Oh boy-oh-boy-oh-boy, I am dancing around my living room as a remix of the Knots Landing theme song, that samples the 90's General Hospital opener plays in my head. (Note to self: Next time, only one Paxil...) TV's Matt Mitovich is reporting  Rena Sofer (ex-Lois, GH) and Donna Mills (ex-Abby, KL) will be appearing on the Nov. 26 episode of TV's most underrated primetime sudser, Dirty Sexy Money.

Sofer will play a nosy reporter trying to dig up dirt on the Darlings, while Mills will play a socialte. I'm sure Sofer will fit in just fine, considering she had plenty of practice dealing with those eccentric millionaires the Sopranos, I mean, Quartermaines on General Hospital. Samaire Armstrong, who was cut from the cast last season, will also reprise her art-imitating-life-role as troubled Darling party girl Juliet.  

Knots Landing: The Best Damn Soap Opera Ever!!!

Okay, all this talk about Lisa Hartman-Black (Ciji/Cathy, Knots Landing) made me run out and find a clip for all the young uns—and Luke—who may have never experienced the best damn primetime soap opera ever!!! For 14 seasons CBS fans followed the lives of Dallas's JR Ewing's "good for nothing" little brother Gary (Ted Shackelford), his hayseed wife Valene (Joan Van Ark) and their friends, neighbors and enemies on the famed So Cal Cul-de-Sac.

A lot of kids I grew up with wished they had lived with the Huxtables on The Cosby Show, screw that. I wanted to be peeping through windows on Seaview Circle, especially if Abby Fairgate Ewing (Donna Mills) was up to no good! READ MORE

It's Official: I like Tammin as Y&R's Colleen!

I don't know when it happened, but it has. I completely, totally accept and even like Tammin Sursok in the role of Abbott heiress Colleen Carlton on The Young and the Restless. As much as I am thrilled to see one of the best couples on daytime, Daniel and Amber (Adrienne Frantz and Michael Graziadei), reunite, I found myself empathizing with Colleen. Who wants to find out that someone's just not that into you on the radio? Well, I guess it beats Facebook.

Maybe it's the good writing of late, or the fact that it also took me a long time to warm up to Adrianne Leon's version—her Colleen was too "Bwookie" from General Hospital early on—or maybe it's simply that Sursok resembles a young Lisa Hartman-Black who I loved as Ciji/Cathy on Knots Landing. Whatever the reason, Sursok is officially "my" Colleen. There, I said it. Talk, er, type amongst yourselves!