Melrose Place

The Latest Melrose Place Preview

The CW has released an extended preview for the new Melrose Place and it looks pretty darn good. Previews can be deceiving, but this looks way better than anything I watched on the new 90210.

This Fall on Melrose Place

The new Melrose Place is coming to The CW this fall. Check out this Melrose preview above. All My Children fans may recognize Colin Egglesfield, who once portrayed Pine Valley's Josh Madden. 

Thanks to soapjunkie88 for the tip!

Colin Egglesfield in The CW's Melrose Place

Collin Egglesfield may have had the unfortunate luck of portraying All My Children's unabortion Josh Madden, but things are certainly looking up for him now. The CW has picked up the widely buzzed about Melrose Place remake in which he stars with Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. Just looking the new Melrose I can't help but hope that the cast is much stronger than the 90210 cast. With the exception of Michael Steger and Jessica Stroup I've been pretty disappointed with 90210's young adults. I love the actual adult characters, but the "teens" just don't hook me like the cast of Gossip Girl does.

The CW hasn't released any trailers for its lineup yet, but when they do we'll post them here at Daytime Confidential.

Will you be watching the new Melrose?

"Melrose" Hire Staffers; "Gossip" Spinoff Possible for Midseason

It looks like the Melrose Place update has proven a surer bet than the Gossip Girl spinoff. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Melrose Place and Vampire Diaries have both been given the go ahead to hire staffers. I don't know about y'all, but I can't wait to see my Sydney (Laura Leighton) and Michael (Thomas Calabro) again! Even if I do have to endure Ashlee Simpson. Now if they can just rescue Josie Bissett (ex-Jane) from that Secret Lives of Teenagers Who Need To Be On The Pill business on ABC Family. As for the Gossip Girl spinoff, featuring Guiding Light alums Brittany Snow and Cynthia Watros, it could possibly still happen as a mid-season replacement. Why don't they just scrap the retro sludge and make Gossip Girl book series companion, The It Girl into a GG television spinoff?! Lil' Jenny is da bizness!

Lisa Rinna No Longer Honking For Melrose

Recent Playboy model Lisa Rinna won't be returning to Melrose Place for the upcoming remake after all. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, she said:

"I don’t think I wanna go back anymore. Seriously, I watched some old tapes recently - Harry and I were going through stuff. It doesn’t feel right! It feels weird. I’ve changed my mind. You can’t go back!"  

Just over a month ago, she took to the streets with placards imploring passing motorists to "Honk 4 Lisa Rinna On The New Melrose Place." Could it be that they don't want her back, and she knows it?

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 04.20.09

Who thinks there’s some scrambling going on at GH? The ratings suck, the storylines aren’t much better and fans are probably the most unhappy they’ve been in a very long time. Is any of this registering with TPTB? Some are saying it is and re-writes are in the works but my question is: Will the re-writes be in the right direction? GH, Guza, Frons, Jill… do they know what the right direction is? Past experiences tell me that they got off track a long time ago.

What’s going on with NotEmily? Some say she was never supposed to be the RealEmily and that this Rebecca character was meant to stick. Stick to what? Will this be a re-write? There’s some Rebecca – Lucky stuff RUMORED to be coming with those Nikolas-Elizabeth RUMORS mixed in. HERE’S WHAT YOU DO… Make the decision to have NotEmily be the RealEmily. Helena’s in town, use her to your advantage. Have Hells play a role in Emily’s death, explain away Diego admitting to killing her and spin the story in the brainwash direction. I know I never endorse the recycling of old storylines, but in this case, it’s your only option. Do I want a quad with the four musketeers? Not really but I’d be all for a triangle with Lucky-Emily-Nikolas. READ MORE