EXCLUSIVE: Nashville Showrunner on Scarlett's Polarizing Season 2 Journey

Droves of Nashville fans have taken to the internet to vent their frustration with the character of Scarlett O'Connor (Clare Bowen), the country girl who has been gifted with a record deal and seems to hate every second of her success! Is Deacon Claybourne's (Chip Esten) neurotic niece intended to be the new love-to-hate character, now that Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) has seemingly transformed from villainess to a heroine? Showrunner Dee Johnson says no!

“I think we were trying to show the different journeys one takes when one is first trying to have a musical career," explains Johnson. "In our minds, Scarlett was always an artist, a relatively skinless person, and how does that person handle the stress of being out there all the time? It takes a toll and we wanted to show that side of the journey.” READ MORE

Charlotte Ross on DAYS' Eve Donovan Recast: "Had to Pass on Reprising My FAVE Role"

She's appeared in FriendsNYPD Blue, Glee and countless other projects on the big and small screen, but soap veteran Charlotte Ross still has mad love for the role of teen temptress Eve Donovan from NBC's Days of Our Lives. The actress, who starred as Kimberly Brady Donovan's (Patsy Pease) vicious stepdaughter from 1987-91, tweeted her regret about having to pass on reprising the iconic role. 

Ross also offered well wishes to NuEve, One Life to Live alum Kassie DePaiva. Tweeted Ross:


Which Scandal Star Used to Babysit Connie Britton’s Baby?

Nashville star Connie Britton recently revealed to E! that a Scandal-ous face used to be son Eyob’s nanny. Before she scored the role of Quinn on the sexy D.C. soap, Katie Lowes worked as the nanny-in-question!  READ MORE

10 Soap Opera Villains Who Should Have Their Chestnuts Roasted on An Open Fire

 No. 10: Cesar Faison, General Hospital

General Hospital's nastiest villain, Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) has been obsessed with Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) since she was a little girl. In the 90's, the DVX operative terrorized Anna, her sometimes husband Robert (Tristan Rogers) and their World Security Bureau pals Sean Donely (John Reilly) and Frisco Jones (Jack Wagner).

He also targeted Frisco's beloved Aztec Princess Felicia (Kristina Wagner), Robert and Anna's daughter Robin (Kimberly McCullough) and her extraterrestrial pal Casey (Bradley Lockerman) from the Planet Lumina!   READ MORE

Jonathan Jackson Signs Recording Contract

Jonathan Jackson doesn’t just play a musician on TV. He is one! The Nashville star has scored a record deal.  Billboard is reporting Jackson has been signed to Loud & Proud Records. 
On his singing on Nashville leading to this new success, Jackson said:

Being a part of a show like Nashville, [with] the music side of it, I knew from the very beginning that it was extremely important and that they were obviously putting a lot into it.  […]  It was pretty easy to see that at the least, I would get more exposure as a singer.  READ MORE

Jonathan Jackson and Steve Burton Reveal How Y&R's "You Killed Romeo" Came About (VIDEO)

Wonder how former General Hospital costars Jonathan Jackson and Steve Burton arrived at their much buzzed about single, "You Killed Romeo" for The Young and the Restless? The friends took to YouTube to explain their collaboration.

According to Burton, the idea came to him after the song's title started floating around in his mind. Burton stated he toyed around with writing lyrics and decided to fill Jackson in on his opus. Once the pals started to converse about the song being used for Y&R, the rest was history. Watch the two discuss the creation of the song below!