Sally Langston Becomes a Contender as Red-Hot Scandal Returns

A drama-packed Scandal returned after nearly three months on hiatus. The political soap wasted no time getting back to business, and building enough tension to ensure an explosive final half of the season!
Sally Makes It a Three-Way

Sally (Kate Burton) upset everybody by announcing her candidacy for president. The religious conservative was determined to run for office as an Independent because of Fitz’s (Tony Goldwyn) loose morals. 

She thought she was the righteous candidate.  As for that pesky murdering her husband business? She blamed it on being temporarily possessed by the Devil. Is it safe to assume the Democratic nominee is already popping the bubbly?  READ MORE

Former General Hospital Actress Nazanin Boniadi Books Scandal

Is General Hospital grad Nazanin Boniadi  part of the mysterious B613, or is she going to be an ally for the crew at Pope and Associates on ABC’s smash Scandal? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Boniadi has joined on the series in a recurring role.


Scandal Finally Casts Fitz and Mellie's Children

Get ready to finally see the Grant children, Gladiators! According to TVLine, Dylan Minnette and Madeline Carroll will  play the roles of Jerry and Karen Grant on Scandal. READ MORE

INTERVIEW: Guillermo Diaz Previews What's Next For Scandal's "Ride-Or-Die Gladiators"

Scandal left its fans in suspense after its cliffhanger-filled midseason finale. Guillermo Diaz, who had one of this television season’s most memorable scenes when his character Huck yanked out a couple of Quinn’s (Katie Lowes) teeth, previewed what’s next for the tortured torturer. He also shared his thoughts on Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) future, and revealed why B613 will continue to be terrifying no matter who is in charge.

Daytime Confidential: All hell broke loose in the Scandal midseason finale. What’s next for Huck?

Guillermo Diaz: The first episode you guys are going to see in February, you’re going to see Huck is still struggling with the fact he tortured Quinn and I don’t think he feels bad about that. What he feels bad about is that he knows Olivia is going to be really upset. So I think he’s embarrassed in front of her, kind of like when you have a dog that chewed up a shoe, or did something bad and he knows he did something bad, so they kind of have their head down. Honestly, we’re only one episode ahead of the episode you guys are going to see in February. So we don’t know that much more. We’ve only shot one. We’re shooting the next one right now. So we don’t know that much more that happens, but it’s exciting. Scott Foley, Jake, is the head of B613 now. That’s going to be a really interesting storyline. You kind of see Jake not as dark as Huck, but you start to see little glimpses of the darkness that shows through. It’s really cool how they’re doing that. It’s fun. READ MORE

Which Scandal Star Used to Babysit Connie Britton’s Baby?

Nashville star Connie Britton recently revealed to E! that a Scandal-ous face used to be son Eyob’s nanny. Before she scored the role of Quinn on the sexy D.C. soap, Katie Lowes worked as the nanny-in-question!  READ MORE

ABC Limits Next Day Streaming of New Episodes Starting Jan. 6

ABC is making changes to its streaming policy for your favorite shows beginning January 6. Unless you are a cable subscriber and have the Watch ABC app, or have a subscription to Hulu Plus, you will no longer be able to stream new episodes the following day. READ MORE