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Trevor St. John Heads To The Mentalist

One Life To Live fan favorite Trevor St. John is keeping himself busy these days. St. John will guest star on an upcoming episode of CBS’ The Mentalist.  St. John will play John Hennigan, a man caught up in a deadly team of art thieves. Look for the actor’s episode to air March 30.

The Mentalist airs Sundays at 10 PM EST on CBS.

SPOILERS: Is Victor Making Cane The Fall Guy on The Young and the Restless?

Victor/Cane: The Aussie con man decides to take The Black Knight up on his offer to investigate Bonaventure. Later Colin tells his son he should back away from what he’s doing, because Victor will leave him holding the bag. Cane disagrees, but it doesn’t stop the Australian mobster from having a heated showdown with Mr. Mumbles.

Colin tells Victor he’s using his son as a patsy. Victor balks at his accusations. Meanwhile, Lily privately wonders if what Colin is saying about Victor is true. Cane assures his wife nothing like that will happen and forges ahead with his quest.
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Death Becomes Practically Everyone on Scandal

Who Got Shot?
It was James (Dan Bucatinsky)!  Despite making a run for it, James was the third person killed by Jake (Scott Foley). David (Joshua Malina) was intimidated into staying quiet. Jake made the two girls’ bodies disappear, and made James’ death look like a carjacking. David took over the case, to help cover it up. 

Olivia (Kerry Washington) wanted justice for James.  She soon figured out it was really a hit, and that Jake was the perpetrator. She vowed to take down B613. Jake will never let that happen. The resulting conflict will be great!

Tatyana Ali to Star in Queen Latifah-Produced 'November Rule'

The Young and the RestlessTatyana Ali is teaming up with Queen Latifah on the silver screen. is reporting Ali will star in Latifah-executive produced romantic comedy November Rule.

James Franco Says He Invented The Oscar Selfie, NOT Ellen! (VIDEO)

Did comedienne Ellen DeGeneres steal the Oscar selfie? According to former Academy Awards show host James Franco, she sure did!

Franco recently spoke with The Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie, alongside his Of Mice and Men Broadway co-stars. During the chat he joked about being the one to first do a selfie at the Oscars. Franco stated:

I took some videos and selfies at my Oscars and I got criticized for it. Now she's getting a lot of attention for hers. I don't get it.

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Pretty Little Liars Recap: “A is for Answers”

Pretty Little Liars aired its latest season finale, but did it provide answers as promised? Dive into the recap below to find out about all the latest drama!

To the girls' surprise, Noel (Brant Daugherty) was the mystery person helping Alison (Sasha Pieterse). Alison seemed truly apologetic about everything. She started to tell them the whole story.  READ MORE