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Is Montel Williams Returning to Daytime?

Ex-talk show host Montel Williams is allegedly headed back to the daytime arena. TMZ is reporting Williams, whose self-titled talk show ran from  1991-2008, is quietly in negotiations to bring an updated version of his show back to television. READ MORE

Joy Behar on The View Exit: "I Need a Different Kind of Life"

After 16 years of gossip, jokes, face-offs and political smackdowns, Joy Behar is signing off from The View on Aug. 9. Just why the devil is Behar leaving the ABC Daytime talk show’s roundtable? TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan got the skinny.

TV Guide Magazine: It's been quite a while since your departure from The View was announced. Can you remind us why you're doing this? Because it really sucks.

Behar: I need a different kind of life. I have so many other things to do! I want to write, do standup, maybe do Broadway, do acting roles, and live my life without this daily regimen. I'm done! It's scary that 16 years have passed. How the hell did this happen? READ MORE

Will Jenny McCarthy's Autism Stance Cause Problems For The View?


Not everyone seems to be thrilled ABC hired Jenny McCarthy as the newest co-host of The View. Many  the medical community see to be wondering if the Mouse House’s daytime talk show will give McCarthy a platform to continue encouraging parents not to vaccinate their children.

Over the years, McCarthy has become a lightning rod for controversy, after claiming vaccinations were the reason her son Evan developed autism. The actress has made several appearances on television, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, and wrote a best-selling book, Healing and Prevention Autism: A Complete Guide, discussing her views on vaccinations.

According to USA Today, Amy Pisani, the executive director of Every Child by Two, an international vaccination group co-founded by former first lady Rosalynn Carter, stated:

Jenny McCarthy's unfounded claims about the dangers of vaccines has been one of the greatest impediments to efforts to vaccinate children in recent decades.
The group wrote into The View expressing their concerns and called on the show to rescind their offer to McCarthy.

Wendy Williams Relays Odd Oprah Encounter to Susan Lucci (VIDEO)

Devious Maids and All My Children legend Susan Lucci stopped by The Wendy Williams Show Thursday, to help the talk show host celebrate her birthday.

During her appearance, La Lucci flipped the script and placed Williams in the ‘Hot Seat’, a game she plays with her guests. For Williams’ last question, Lucci asked the birthday girl what her most awkward encounter was with a celebrity. Williams told Lucci and the audience about a time she ran into talk show titan Oprah Winfrey. Williams recalled:

"I was coming down the escalator and she was going up the escalator in a publishing building. I forgot exactly what I was doing there, but that’s where Harpo's...where her magazine is here in Manhattan. And we were the only two people in the lobby other than security downstairs, and for them I guess it was like watching a TV show. You know, like okay, 'Here it goes.' And I said to my publicist [who] was with me, I said, “There’s Oprah hold in your stomach!”

Say what? Watch at the 10-minute mark after the jump! READ MORE

Watch Cast of Teen Beach Movie Perform on The View

The ladies of The View rolled out the welcome mat Wednesday for the cast of Disney Channel’s upcoming musical flick, Teen Beach Movie. The made-for-TV-film centers around teen surf fanatics McKenzie (Mia Mitchell) and Brady (Ross Lynch), who wind up being sucked back into  the 1960’s. They land on a beach full of bikinis and of course music.
The teens must make sure the film they are stuck inside of isn’t altered, or else the outcome will affect their current time period. Watch the cast give a little taste of what’s to come after the jump! READ MORE

Fruitvale Station's Michael B. Jordan Recalls All My Children on The View

Rising star Michael B. Jordan stopped by The View on Monday to promote his upcoming film, Fruitvale Station. The ladies took a stroll down memory lane with Jordan, recalling his time at All My Children, which taped episodes next door to the chatfest. Watch Jordan dish returning to his old stomping grounds after the jump!