The Bay

A Doomed Romance, a Job Offer and a Shocking Return Ripple Through The Bay!

SoCal scandals, secrets and lies are continuing to keep Bay City teeming with sultry activity this week on The Bay. Lee Nelson (Paul Satterfield) can't stop thinking about his past with untamed, ex-wife Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans). Can Lee forgive Sara her past indiscretions yet again, if it means one last shot at forever?  He may not have too much time to think about that, what with his inebriated, surprise daughter Lianna Ramos (Jade Harlow) on the loose. Sidenote: On behalf of The Bay's fans, thank you so much Lianna for adjusting Pete Garrett's (Kristos Andrews) wardrobe. He was looking a bit stuffy in his wedding attire!

Elliot Sanders (Charles Shaughnessy) is still busy looking for his daughter, that is when Mayor Jack Madison (Nicholas Coster) isn't offering him Lex Martin's (Tristan Rogers) job as police commissioner. You do remember Elliot's daughter Isabella (Claire-Louise Sedgley) don't you? She was the one involved in all those kinky sex games with Sara's eldest offspring Brian (Dylan Bruce), who is about to walk down the aisle with Harold Johnson's (Jed Allan) daughter Zoey (Taylor Stanley).

Speaking of Zoey, the bride has something old, something borrowed and blue, now how about something, er someone diabolical and insane? These people need Jesus. Watch the latest installment of The Bay after the jump!


Effin' Hilarious: Someone Steals Mary Beth Evans' Turkey in The "HoliBay" Thanksgiving Special!

After a day like today when the future of daytime soaps were dealt another blow, I find myself admiring webisoap creators like Gregori J. Martin even more.The hardest working man on the Internet has released a freaking hilarious holiday-themed special episode of his web series The Bay, featuring the sudser's characters in a sitcom setting.

As heroine Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans) prepares a feast for her family and friends, she realizes something's missing — the Thanksgiving turkey! Check out the episode below to find out the answer to the greatest Bay mystery of them all. Who stole Sara Garrett's bird?

Shocking Secrets Exposed on The Bay!

On the chapter 6, third episode of The Bay’s must see second season, Zoe (Taylor Stanley) tells Brian (Dylan Bruce) to call off their wedding, because he won’t answer her questions. Meanwhile, Vivian (Tanisha Lynn) wakes up in the hospital and Marly (Martha Madison) grapples with a shocking revelation. Watch this week’s episode of The Bay after the jump!


All My Children's Jill Larson Gets Feisty For The Bay

Opal Cortlandt's future may be in limbo, like the rest of the denizens of the fictional Pine Valley on All My Children, but her portrayer is busy booking new soap gigs! Jill Larson is set to play barrister Helen Kruegar this season on The Bay.

“We are ecstatic to have the talented Jill Larson join us in Season 2 ," said the web series' creator Gregory J. Martin in a statment. "This is my second time working with her. She is a powerhouse and I can’t think of a better actress to play this part."

Drama Floods The Bay’s Second Season Premiere!

The Bay kicked off its highly anticipated second season today and boy was it worth the wait. Even though Pete (Kristos Andrews) is missing, Brian (Dylan Bruce) is pressing on with his plans to marry Zoey (Taylor Stanley), much to Sarah’s (Mary Beth Evans) chagrin. Brian gets help from the Mayor's wife and wedding planner Sophia Madison (Jackie Zeman). However, it might be a good idea to let the bride know when she's supposed to show up. Watch the drama filled season premiere of The Bay after the jump! READ MORE

Matt Ashford Gets Sinister in Confessions of Bay City

Tick, tock. Get ready for the spine-chilling Confessions of Bay City finale, featuring Steve Jensen (Matt Ashford). In the episode, the former inmate reveals who he wants to reconnect with, now that he is free from prison. Let me tell you, if I knew I was on his list of intended reunions I’d be hightailing it for the hills. Watch episode six of The Bay: Confessions of Bay City after the jump!