The Bay

The Bay Wins Fans' Choice Award at 2011 Indie Soap Awards!

The 2nd Annual Indie Soap Awards were held last night in New York and several of our favorite webisoaps took home awards. Gregori J. Martin's steamy, throwback sudser The Bay took home the Fans' Choice Award, as well as Oustanding Directing (Martin). Major props to Martin, as well as all the peeps who have made The Bay so red-hot. Is it really any wonder ATI decided to back the serial?

Crystal Chappell's popular webisoap Venice took home two acting wins. One Life to Live's Hillary B. Smith (Guya) won for Outstanding Supporting Actress, while former Guiding Light star Jordan Clarke (John) won Outstanding Supporting Actor.  

Gregory Turner and Brian Hewson's campy webisoap Empire, took home the award for Best Storyline for the arc that saw villaness Theodora (Guiding Light alum TIna Sloan) taking over her family's magazine.

Now for the biggies. The award for Indie Soap of the Year went to Robert Townsend's Diary of a Single Mom. The serial's star, Monica Calhoun (Ocean), also took home the win for Oustanding Lead Actress.
Outstanding Lead Actor went to the uber-talented Anthony Anderson, creator and star (Sean) of what I call the "Black Knots Landing" Anacostia. Congrats to all the winners and nominees! For the complete list of winners for the 2nd Annual Indie Soap Awards see below: READ MORE

Lionel Lockridge, Bee Youches!!!! Nicolas Coster Debuts on The Bay

I swear before the Soap Gods, The Bay is fast becoming the closest thing to a Santa Barbara reunion we're ever going to get! First Lane Davies (ex-Mason, SB) joins the webisoap as Mack, now Nicolas Coster (ex-Lionel) makes his debut as the mayor of Bay City, California, Jack Madison. While Coster has basically appeared on every soap known to man (Young Doctor Malone, The Secret Storm, Another World, Somerset, One Life to Live, As The World Turns) it's his portrayal of one Lionel Lockridge, C.C.'s (Jed Allan) arch rival, Sophia's (Judith McConnell) baby daddy and Augusta's (Louise Sorel) husband/sparring partner, that will forever be etched in this soap nut's memory! Go get 'em, Mayor Jack! Oh and before any smarty party writes it in the comments, I know there other C.C.'s before Allan, but he's the only one I care to remember, so there!

 Also making their first appearances in this webisode are Brody Hutlzer as the mayor's press secretary Kenneth Allen and Marie Wilson in a surprising role. Watch the latest installment of The Bay after the jump!  READ MORE

The Bay's Real Andrews Books Gig on All My Children

Real Andrews is all over the place the days! The former General Hospital top cop, who now appears on the sexy web sudser The Bay, has landed a limited gig on All My Children. According to ABC Soaps in Depth, Andrews will play Agent Trumble for seven episodes.

Wouldn't it be great if The Young and the Restless showed Eddie Winslow the door and hired Andrews as Malcolm? Watch the latest eppy of The Bay after the jump! READ MORE

Will Peter Garrett Survive on The Bay?


The increasingly-addictive web sudser The Bay returned this week with the first episode of its third chapter. When we last saw Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans) and Co. A crazed madman, who looked a lot like Carl from Another World, was shot while threatening everyone at Brian Nelson's (Dylan Bruce) engagement party with a bomb. Turns out the bomb was a fake, but the cap busted on bat shit crazy Igor (Camden Toy) was all-too-real.
Was Bri-Bri really giving Igor something he could feel? If so, ew!  Speaking of Brian, why did Isabella Sanders (Claire-Louise Sedgley) find pictures of him seemingly raping her? I bet her daddy, policeman Elliot Sanders (Charles Shaughnessy) ,won't react too kindly to that little discovery! 

What about Peter (Kristos Andrews)? The youngest Garrett had some kind of fit during the last installment. Will Dr. Keith Campbell (Real Andrews) be able to save his life? I guess you'll have to watch the episode below to find out! READ MORE

General Hospital's Sexy Text Message Killer Joins The Bay!

Another ex-Alcazar has found work. Former General Hospital star Ignacio Serricchio (Diego) has joined the cast of the web series The Bay! Serricchio will play the younger brother of Janice Ramos (Lily Melgar). Look for Serricchio to debut in Chapter Four.

Charles Shaughnessy's Elliot is One Step Closer to Finding Out Who Raped His Daughter on The Bay

Keith (Real Andrews) is still trying to run game on Marley's (Martha Madison) nanny, Colleen (Daphne Bloomer) in the latest installment of The Bay. Will he make good on his promise to help her reconnect with her biological daughter Vivian (Tanisha Lynn), or is he just trying to get in her drawers?

Meanwhile, Elliot (Charles Shaughnessy) is trying to help his daughter Isabella (Claire-Louise Sedgley) remember more about what happened the night she was raped. And of course we can't forget Brian (Dylan Bruce) and Zoey's (Taylor Stanley) potentially explosive engagement party! Cuckoo-for-Cocoa Puffs mad bomber Igor (Camden Toy) is holding fast to his claims that he and Brian were getting busy on the low-low. Is the seemingly-scorned whackadoodle really crazy enough to blow Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans) her family, friends and frenemies to kingdom come? Watch below to find out. READ MORE