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Frons Promotes 'Chew' Developer to V.P. of Programming and Development For ABC Daytime


With ABC Daytime's mass soap eradication almost a fait accompli, there's no need for the Mouse House to be shy about promoting peeps to help turn the lineup into a bunch of recycled versions of The View. Maybe that's why Disney/ABC Televison Group's Daytime Prexy Brian Frons just hired Randall Barone as his new Veep, overseeing The View and The Chew. See the full press release below! READ MORE

The Chew's Mario Batali: "It’s As If I Had Chopped Off Erica Kane’s Head"

Gotta love that silver-tounged Mario Batali. The Chew co-host recently spoke with New York Magazine about his new cooking show, which replaced All My Children on ABC, and discussed the wrath soap fans have been unleashing against him on Twitter:
Dude, they are so mad at me, says Batali. It’s as if I had chopped off Erica Kane’s head. They’re not happy, and they’re on the Twitter-sphere, and they’ve got beautiful vocabularies. They attack him in person, too, calling the show The Spew. He tries to placate them by promising to bring Susan Lucci on as a guest, and explaining that “it wasn’t a Mario Batali decision. It was an ABC-TV decision. I say, ‘I’m just a pawn in the game.’ 

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Freelance Publicist for Live With Regis and Kelly Apologizes For Hasty Tweet; Turns in Resignation


The publicist who caused a Twitter firestorm as a result of her comments about being happy over the ending of soaps, in favor of The Chew, has not only apologized for her tweet, but resigned from her position at Live With Regis and Kelly. Here's the statement Brittany Forgione sent to me and Daytime Confidential's Senior Editor Jillian Bowe, who broke the storyearlier this evening:

I take full responsibility for the situation. I wrote that tweet on my personal Twitter account, but it was never for a second meant to be hurtful towards anyone. I grew up watching “All My Children” with my mother and though I was sad to see it go, I was excited for the new shows getting a chance to shine. My words were said so quickly and without thought that it ended up creating something I would have never wished for. Seeing those awful reactions and threats online was so shocking and scary for me, and I was so concerned about the reputation of our show, that I was afraid to admit what I had done so I lied to my manager. I’ve held high regard for ABC for years, as they know, and it is only fair to the company and myself that I resign from my freelance PR position.  READ MORE

V.P. of Publicity For Live With Regis and Kelly Claims Publicist's Account Was "Hacked"


Boy oh boy, those ABC Daytimers really need to get better firewalls! Once again someone working for the lineup has allegedly been hacked on Twitter. Following our decision to post the tweet from Live With Regis and Kelly publicist/producer Brittany Forgione's personal account allegedly stating how happy she was that the soaps were over, Forgione's boss, Barbara Warren, vice-president of publicity for the talk show, contacted us saying Forgione had been hacked and demanded we remove the post. First off, no one can "demand" anything from us, because we don't work for Disney or ABC. Now that we've gotten that out of the way... READ MORE

SOURCE: DAYS Climbed in Nielsens on Monday Opposite The Chew!


Chew on this news, Soap Slayers. While ABC Daytime's The Chew might have matched All My Children's most recent numbers on Monday, sources tell Daytime Confidential NBC Daytime's Days of Our Lives also had an impressive turnout for that sudser's much-heralded "reboot" on Monday. READ MORE

Ugh, Ugh, Double Ugh. Premiere of The Chew Matches Most Recent All My Children Numbers; Bests Soap in W18-49!


This isn't a good sign for our remaining sudsers. ABC Daytime's cheapo replacement for All My Children, The Chew, premiered to 2.5 million viewers, or basically about the same number of people who watched AMC during the most recent rating's cycle (Sept. 12-16). READ MORE