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All My Children's Leading Men to Do Cooking Segments on The Talk Same Week The Chew Premieres in Their Timeslot?!


I wonder why Les Moonves and Brian Frons don't just whip out their wee-diddles and measure 'em? It would certainly make more sense than all the head scratching moves that have taken place on the CBS and ABC Daytime lineups in recent years.

According to, All My Children leading men Michael E. Knight, Ricky Paull Goldin and Jacob Young will be appearing on The Talk the week of Sept. 26 as part of an "All My Meals" segment. The gents will discuss what Pine Valley meant to them, while cooking and carrying on with the ever-revolving cast of The Talk. No, this isn't one of my spoof posts, according to EW it's the real deal! 

Lots of Defending, Not Much Convincing: ABC Fails to Impress TCA With The Chew

This brings a twinkle to my eye. I heard back from several industry peeps who attended the Television Critics Association (TCA) panel for ABC's upcoming talk show/reality series/food fight The Chew and from what I can gather the show (set to replace long-running soap opera All My Children on Sept. 26) gave the journos a bad case of the runs.  

For starters, executive producer Gordon Elliott reportedly dominated the panel session, barely allowing the show's actual co-hosts (Daphne Oz, Carla Hall and Clinton Kelly attended) a chance to chew the fat. What, is the Mouse House that lacking in confidence of this gang of foodies and lifestyle experts to sell this sucker? This particular factoid was confirmed by Variety's Andrew Wallenstein for the industry bible's On The Air blog.

Now for the main course: I hear ABC Daytime Chief Brian Frons was basically guarded from the press by PR executive Jori Petersen for most of the session. I guess Deadline asked her to recite her multiplication table, or managed to confound her in some other way, long enough to get this interview with Fronsie. Here's a completely out-of-touch snippet from the Soap Slayer:

 "I think we've spent 40-plus years trying to keep the soap-opera audience happy. So in an odd way, (the outcry) is actually good. It's just sad that we don't have a solution." READ MORE

Like Buzzards Circling Over Cattle: The Chew Premiere Set Just Three Days After All My Children Finale!

ABC Daytime won't even be waiting until Erica Kane and Co. are lukewarm in their television grave before premiering the long-running All My Children's replacement. According to Zap2it, The Chew will premiere Monday, Sept. 26, just three days after AMC's rumored two-hour send-off

The grub-themed talk show dedicated to "celebrating and exploring life through food," (Why don't they just call it The Chronicles of Gluttony and be done with it?) will star Mario Batali, Michael Symon, Carla Hall (Top Chef), Clinton Kelly (What Not To Wear) and Dr Oz's daughter Daphne Oz. Yeah, because a foodie/lifestyle show is so unique and thus certainly capable of becoming Appointment TV.  READ MORE

Could Going Half Hour Save General Hospital?

Has General Hospital dodged a bullet (no pun intended)? TV Guide's Michael Logan spoke with an ABC representative, who shared some information about the status of the sudser. According to the rep:

We hope it will encourage them to watch and support GH, the rep says. We will consider all options, such as making The Chew and The Revolution a half hour each, or making The Revolution and GH a half hour. This all happens a year and half from now. We are going to do our best to keep everybody happy.

Brian Frons: "Serials For The Most Part Are Baby Boomer Programs"

ABC Daytime Serial Killer Brian Frons is giving more asinine quotes and ever-changing sound bites to the mainstream press. This time the not-so-true lies were afforded to USA Today in a special report on the changing of the guard during the daytime post-Oprah. Here's the latest way Frons dismissed the very programs that helped him leech his way to the top of a network division:

"It's change that's generational," says Brian Frons, daytime chief for ABC Television Group. "Serials for the most part are Baby Boomer programs, and as Boomers age out of the key selling demographic, we need to look at alternatives." READ MORE

CHEAP CRAP: ABC Daytime's Replacement Shows to Cost Under $575,000 a Week

File this one under you get what you pay for. TV Guide is reporting The Chew and The Revolution, the two shows set to replace All My Children and One Life to Live respectively, will each cost "$575,000 a week or less" to produce, whereas AMC and OLTL cost between $750,000 to $1 million a week.

The article by Stephen Battaglio goes on to point out that CBS is reportedly making more money on The Talk, despite that show's ratings being lower than As The World Turns. Well of course they are! CBS owns The Talk, just like ABC owns their soaps. ABC will also own the two bargain basement replacement shows, however unlike The Talk, which actually boasts popular, ex-sitcom stars and recognizable faces. Most of us had to Google half the names of the hosts of The Chew and The Revolution. READ MORE