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The Dr. Oz Show Wins For Outstanding Talk Show/Informative!

Dr. Oz once again trumped his competition by winning for Outstanding Talk Show/Informative at the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. The show has nabbed three back-to-back wins in this category. The Mighty O must be proud her tutelage has paid off.

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J.R. Martinez Drops by Dr. Oz Thursday

Former All My Children star, Dancing With the Stars competitor and Iraq war veteran J.R. Martinez will appear on Thursday’s episode of Dr. Oz. During the episode, Martinez shares how his mother gave him a verbal boot in the behind, in an attempt to get him to get out of his depression post injuries.

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The Dr. Oz Show Wins For Outstanding Talk Show/Informative!

Oprah graduate Dr. Oz tasted the sweet smell of victory tonight, by winning for Outstanding Talk Show/Informative at the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy awards.  This marks The Dr. Oz Show's fourth Daytime Emmy Award. The program also won last year.

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Dr. Oz "Honored" to Take Over Oprah's Time Slots


You would think Dr. Mehmet Oz would be sweating bullets as he accepts the time slot throne his boss and friend Oprah Winfrey recently left him when she vacated daytime for cable. Not so says the host of Dr. Oz.

"I don't feel pressured, I feel honored by the spot. I feel a responsibility to give to the audience what she has done so beautiful for 25 years. You really learn this when you're around her a lot. She recognized people don't change what they do based on what they know. They change on what they feel, when you get that visceral awareness in your heart, it's important to do it. So for me, it's all about getting people to trust the good in me. And that trust is not just because they think you are honorable, it's also because they think you're competent. That marriage creates a trust that folks will follow you to."

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Dr. Oz Weighs in on Weight Loss Reality Shows

Daytime Emmy-winning talk show host Dr. Mehmet Oz has a lot going on these days. With his TV mentor Oprah Winfrey having vacated the daytime airwaves for her OWN channel, his Dr. Oz talker is inheriting numerous timeslots across the country and finds itself amid a changing daytime landscape, where celebrity talk shows and lifestyle programming are taking over.

One such lifestyle show coming to our screens in January of 2012 is The Revolution, a weight loss docudrama, featuring obese housewives trying to lose massive amounts of weight in a short amount of time. The Revolution, which will take the place of long-running soap opera One Life to Live on ABCwill join such rapid weight loss-themed series as NBC's The Biggest Loser, ABC primetime's recent Extreme Makeover: Weigh Loss Edition and countless others on the TV dial. I asked Oz what he thought of shows like these, which I've dubbed "fat porn" because of America's insatiable appetite for tuning in and watching morbidly obese people struggle to lose weight quickly. Are these shows realistic? READ MORE

Yuck Alert: Whoopi Goldberg Proudly Farts on The View!

Some things just shouldn't be done on TV. Yesterday Dr. Oz stopped by The View and asked the ladies if they ever cut one while on the couch. Whoopi Goldberg decides to answer and do much more. Watch The View co-creator Barbara Walters and the other ladies clutch their pearls after the jump! READ MORE