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Oprah Brings Leno and Letterman Together in Super Bowl Ad!

I did a double take last night watching this ad during the Super Bowl. Leave it to Oprah to bring Jay Leno and David Letterman together in an commerical that plays on the trio's decades of rumored bad blood. Watch the Super Bowl ad after the jump.

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Crouching Tiger, Oprah Interview?

Tiger Woods may be in the midst of a personal and public crisis, but the booking battle for the first sit down interview with the scandal plagued golf icon has already tee'd off. According to Popeater Oprah,  Matt Lauer, Barbara Walters and Larry King are all angling for the get, but only Oprah has applied the personal touch.

"Matt Lauer, Barbara Walters and Larry King's people have all called, but only lady O has personally reached out," the source said.

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Oprah Won't Take Talk Show To OWN

Damn, damn, DAMN, as Florida Evans would say! Talk show maverick Oprah Winfrey will not move her gabfest hit to her new network once the show ends in Sept. 2011. In a interview with  USA Today, Oprah Winfrey Network CEO Christina Norman said, 

Her show as you know it is not coming to OWN. 
Norman goes on to say Winfrey is, 
going to have a significant presence on this network, but it won’t be through a daily sit down talk show like the one she currently has on ABC. Pieces of that show we’re going to want to find ways to retain, but I don’t think the format exists in anyone’s mind right now.

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25 Years of Oprah Shouting Guest's Names

In honor of The Oprah Winfrey Show's 25 years on television the folks at Jezebel have created a hilarious remix of Oprah welcoming celebrity guests to her show. Watch it after the jump. READ MORE

In the News: Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey's announcement that she will cancel her long running, uber-successful talk show in 2011 has the media buzzing. Here are a few stories to check out and ponder while you're reading DC at work.

The biggest question is, who's next? Can anyone top the queen? There really isn't a replacement out there that will impact the public quite like Oprah, but hey, there are those who are willing to try. The New York Post is reporting that Gayle King is in talks with CBS to produce a talk show of her own after Oprah goes off the air. There is no word from King's court, but her foray into talkdom failed in 1997 when her show was axed due to low ratings. READ MORE

Will Oprah Ask Sarah Palin "Everything"?

Oprah has released a clip teasing her highly-anticipated interview with former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. CBS has also released two clips of Oprah questioning Palin about Levi Johnston, and the now infamous Katie Couric interview. If that isn’t enough, apparently she “talked about everything” with the former Alaska governor. The Oprah sit down airs Monday November 16, 2009. Watch the preview clips after the jump.  READ MORE