The Revolution

Why ABC Needs to Get The Revolution Off The Air Before July


Is it any wonder all of ABC Daytime's lineup is suffering? The Mouse House's entire daypart, save for The View, is being dragged to the depths by a pair of "lifestyle series" former daytime executive Brian Frons developed to replace ABC's long-running soap stable.

The Revolution hit another series low for the week of April 9. The now cancelled talk show was only watched by 1.19 million viewers for the week! One Life to Live, the soap opera that was gutted to make room for this crap, was watched by 2.5 million in the same timeslot a year ago, according to TV Media Insights.

I dare any know-it-all, TV industry spin doctor—posing as a blog reader—to log in and make the case in the comments that it was still smart business for ABC to cancel OLTL. Any dote can see it would have made much more sense to cut OLTL's production budget—however drastically it would have needed to have been cut—and have aggressively figured out a backend via VOD, DVD sales, etc. in order to continue producing a much more successful soap opera in this slot.



The Revolution Cancelled Just in Time, Hits Series Low 1.3 Million Viewers Week of April 2!


ABC Daytime's The Revolution was cancelled not a moment too soon! The lifestyle chatfest was watched by only 1.3 million viewers the week of April 2. That's a whopping 51 percent less than the 2.63 million who were watching One Life to Live during the same time period a year ago, according to TV Media Insights. READ MORE

New Record Low Ratings For The Revolution; The Chew Continues to Slide


I hope whoever did all that snazzy research for Sweeney and Fronsie, about what people with girl parts between their legs (and betwixt 18-49 and 18-34) wanna watch in the daytime— as opposed to soaps— gets a great, big ol' bonus. Ha ha ha! I kid. I'm Southern; it's our way. TV Media Insights is reporting massive ratings dips for both The Revolution and The Chew for the week of March 19. READ MORE

The Revolution's EP: "I Didn't Know This Was Going To Replace The Soaps"

The Revolution is working overtime to repair the damage its dismal ratings have caused ABC Daytime's lineup. The lifestyle show's executive producer JD Roth spoke with TV Guide to plead his show's case. Peep this snippet:

What's the worst thing anyone has said?
"I can't believe they took my favorite soap opera off the air for this." I want to change that and empower people to feel good about what they're doing. I know that sounds Pollyanna, but I really believe it.

What do you say to the soap fans?
I did not kill Erica Kane. I have a lot of respect for the art of the soap opera and the storytelling. But remember, I make TV shows, I don't program them. I didn't know this was going to replace the soaps until — and this is no exaggeration — five minutes before the press release went out. READ MORE

Deadline is Hearing ABC is "Losing Faith" in The Revolution

Even the hottest entertainment blog around is weighing in on the utter ratings disaster that has been ABC Daytime's The Revolution. Deadline has a new post up detailing the talk show's record low ratings, and how said ratings, coupled with concerns about a proper lead-in for Katie, have General Hospital looking better in the network's eyes these days.

Can ABC Afford to Take The Revolution Into Upfronts With Numbers Like 1.33 Million Viewers?


I'm hearing ABC will likely decide who gets their 2 pm EST timeslot before Easter. Will it be long-running soap opera General Hospital? Or, will painfully low-rated talk show The Revolution keep the slot?

If the Nielsens are any indication, GH is definitely the Mouse House's safest bet. TV Media Insights is reporting the The Revolution was watched by just 1.33 million viewers the week of March 12-16. This was a new all-time low for the lifestyle series, which replaced One Life to Live this past January.

OLTL was watched by well over a million more viewers during the same time period last year (2.43 million). Meanwhile, GH was watched by 2.24 million viewers the week in question. Even with those far superior numbers, GH likely saw their numbers dragged downward by a poorly performing lead-in. Is Disney really ready to risk the same trickle down effect happening on their ABC-owned stations, as well as the affiliates who have signed up for Katie Couric's expensive talk show, when it hits the air this September?