The Revolution

While The Chew Closes In on All My Children's Ratings, The Revolution Comes Nowhere Close to One Life to Live in Nielsens


Veteran television analyst Marc Berman is staying on top of reporting the disaster that is ABC Daytime's The Revolution. In the latest installment of Berman's must-read TV Media Insights, he reveals that while The Chew, the foodie talk show that took the place of All My Children last September, is narrowing the gap with the sudser it replaced in the Nielsens, The Revolution "pales in comparison to One Life to Live." READ MORE

RUMOR REPORT: Did ABC Daytime FIRE Their Vice President of Communications?!


I've been hearing rumblings all weekend that ABC Daytime has already ditched Mirian Arias, whom they hired to replace Jori Petersen as vice-president of communications in October of 2011. Arias was tapped for the position when Petersen moved over to ABC Family.

"I hear she was making enemies left and right," says one source on Arias' alleged ouster. READ MORE

CRASH Diet: The Revolution Averaging One HALF of One Life to Live's Audience From This Time a Year Ago!


How many television executives does it take to obliterate a daypart? In this case, the answer would be two — former ABC Daytime Chief Brian Frons, who micromanged the Mouse House daytime soaps into the ratings basement with his sexist, ageist agenda (firing actresses over 40; putting stripper poles on sets), and practice of employing incompetent friends (Chuck Pratt, Julie Hanan Caruthers); and his ex-boss Anne Sweeney, who made the rash decision to get rid of said soaps all in one fell swoop (GH would already be toast if it was up to her, according to my sources), instead of bringing in a more savvy, capable executive to try and salvage entertainment vehicles that have made ABC hundred of millions of dollars (if not billions) over the decades.

What's sad is, no one in the mainstream entertainment media is covering this story, save for Marc Berman of TV Media Insights. According to Berman's latest report, The Revolution, the slung together, weight loss/makeover hour that replaced One Life to Live amid a lengthy ratings surge for that sudser, was watched by only 1.44 million people the week of Jan. 30. That's half the audience OLTL averaged in the same timeslot one year ago with 2.85 million viewers.  

The Revolution Averaging a Paltry 1.3 in Households so Far This Week; Down 43 Percent From OLTL


ABC doesn't generally waste anytime before yanking primetime ratings disasters, like recently-gutted sitcom Work It, off the air. I wonder how long the Mouse House will be too proud to admit they made a huge mistake in cancelling One Life to Live for The Revolution? According to TV Media Insights, The Revolution is only averaging a 1.3/4 share so far this week.  READ MORE

More Ratings GOSSIP: CBS Pleased With Bold and Beautiful's Steady 2.5; Could Pitiable Debut For The Revolution Keep General Hospital on Longer?!


With the daytime drama fighting for her very existence, you can bet all eyes are on the Nielsens ratings. After checking with my moles at several networks I was able to learn the following tidbits:

Suits at CBS Daytime are impressed that The Bold and the Beautiful has maintained a 2.5 in households for the past few weeks. With big stories, including the climax of the Hope/Liam/Steffy (Kimberly Matula, Scott Clifton and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) triangle, Ridge and Brooke (Ron Moss and Katherine Kelly Lang) once again at odds over there girls and things heating up for Rick (Jacob Young) and Amber (Adrienne Frantz), planned for February Sweeps—not to mention B&B's 25th anniversary coming up in March—here's hoping the soon-to-be 25-year-old sudser can keep it up!

Ratings, Rants and Raves: Pisspoor Lead-In From The Revolution Results in Record Lows For General Hospital


Congratulations, ABC. You've all but let former daytime executive Brian Frons and his then-boss Anne Sweeney cripple your daypart. Thanks to the embarassingly-low debut of its new lead-in, The Revolution, ABC's last daytime drama, General Hospitaldropped to record lows the week of Jan. 16-20.