Then We Got Help!

Help Make Sci-Soap Pilot Drifter Happen!

An all-star cast and crew have assembled to bring sci-fi suds fans the high concept TV pilot Drifter, but they need your help to do it! From creator Jeff Koenig (The Mane Show With Tyler Mane, The Webventures of Justin and Aiden, Geek vs. Geek), Drifter is the saga of Will Blake (Darren Le Gallo), a man trapped on a damaged spaceship, with only 12 days to live.

Of course our hero faces mortality the way any perfectly rational moon jumper would — he uses the ship's computer to go inside a virtual re-creation of his favorite television series. And here I thought Fringe fans were a little over the top! Inside his fave show, Will gets to spend time with the series-within-a-series' female protagonist, played by Then We Got Help's brilliant creator/star Julie Ann Emery.

“It would be like watching an episode of Cheers while you’re sitting there, right at the bar” says Koenig. “Woody hands you a beer, Cliff makes some random off-hand observation, and Sam and Diane have one of their classic fights, not five feet in front of you. But what happens to Sam if you’re basically there to steal Diane away from him?”

Koenig, founder of geek-themed production company OMFGeek, LLC., is currently raising funds for the Drifter pilot via Mobcaster. The project also stars Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Emma Caulfield, Al Thompson (The Cleveland Show, Lenox Avenue, Odessa), Rachael Hip-Flores (Anyone But Me), and Gary Ploski (Rising Star). Watch the Drfiter support video after the jump!


Drinking Games and Interrogations on Then We Got Help!

If you haven’t watched the last two episodes of the laugh out loud web series Then We Got Help, you’re going to want to tune in to episodes and “I Never” and “There Once Was A Man Named Jan.” Dan (Nicholas Rodriguez) and Eric (Blake Hammond) host the therapy session in “I Never.” Two words sum up why you should watch episode seven, “drinking game.”

In Then We Got Help’s eighth episode of the season, “There Once Was A Man Named Jan,” Sam McMurray guests as Gerry’s (Susan Ferrara) offensive dad, Jan. Gerry is in charge of the meeting in episode eight and she asks her dad, a former detective with “the highest confession rate in NYPD history,” to interrogate the group.  For those who haven’t watched the hilarious comedy, it would be an understatement to say Gerry’s husband Terry (Sean Mahon) isn’t a fan of his father-in-law.

This week’s episode drives that point home when an upset Terry almost comes to blows with his father-in-law. When Jan sets his sights on Eric, Eric admits he’s worried Dan will love the baby they are trying to adopt more than he will his partner.  Watch the two most recent episodes of Then We Got Help after the jump! READ MORE

Happy Belated Valentine's Day From Web Soap, Downsized!

Kevin Earley and Julie Ann Emery, the good folks behind one of webivision's best dramedies, Then We Got Help! put me on to a new web series they thought I might like. It's called Downsized, and they were totally right! From creator/star Daryn Strauss, Downsized tells the soapy story of a group of seemingly-unconnected people who are all dealing with the after effects of massive layoffs, due to the state of the U.S. economy. Think HBO's Hung meets Up in the Air, only worthy of the hype. Check out the tragically-funny first episode above—complete with a sock puppet efficiency expert— then breeze through the rest of the season up to date, ending with episode nine's special Valentine's Day installment, below! READ MORE

Unplanned Pregnancies and Suspicions of Cheating on Season Finale of Then We Got Help!

Then We Got Help!, the hilarious web dramedy from Julie Ann Emery and Kevin Earley, wraps its stellar first season today with an episode entitled "Your Cheating Heart". On today's show one of the main characters realizes he or she is being cheated on in the middle of the meeting, another announces an unexpected pregnancy, yet another says they want to start a family and one half of a couple wants to move outside of the country for work. And you thought Dallas used to end with killer cliffhangers!

Five Soapy Questions With: Passions Mermaid and Then We Got Help! Guest Star, Brandi Burkhardt

Calling all Passions fans. There's been a mermaid sighting! That's right, I recently caught up with none other than Brandi Burkhardt, who in 2006 infamously donned a pair of fins to play the role of Siren the Mermaid on the now-defunct NBC/DirecTV soap opera. The pretty and talented Burkhardt is appearing in Episode 7 of the insanely funny web dramedy Then We Got Help!, portraying one half of a new couple who joins Emily's (series creator Julie Ann Emery)'s warped therapy group for people who can't afford therapists. 

We chatted about what it was like for this Lee Strasberg alum to find herself splashing around on daytime, what Passions taught her as a performer, whether or not she'll be appearing in more episodes of one of the web's best serials and most importantly, what the former Miss New York thinks of Jay-Z and Alicia Keyes' "New York State of Mind".

Daytime Confidential: On the now-defunct soap opera Passions, you played the mermaid Siren. I gather anyone would need a bit of therapy after that! What was your experience appearing on the wacky sudser like?

Brandi Burkhardt: Working on Passions was such a joy. Because it was supernatural, and at times ridiculous. We had the most fun! When am I ever gonna get the opportunity to swim in real fins again?! Every little girl wants to be a mermaid! The cast and crew all had a wonderful sense of humor and were ready for anything. It was such fun to go to work everyday. I wish we were still on the air! Put us back on the air! It was always an adventure.

Then We Got Help!, So Funny, So Real, It Hurts

Every time I watch an episode of Julie Ann Emery and Kevin Earley's smartly written and deftly acted web dramedy Then We Got Help! I find myself laughing so hard I almost pop my spleen one minute, then literally aching the next, because the situations the couples find themselves comically confronting hit so damned close to home. READ MORE