Today's Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford to Pen New York Daily News Column

I'm convinced Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb will one day take over the world with their hilarious charm. The New York Daily News announced the fourth hour Today hosts have joined the newspaper as columnists.  The duo's debut column will premiere on Thursday.

The dynamic duo, best known as the anchors of the fourth hour of “Today,” will offer their unique take on food, fashion, pop culture and fun, starting Thursday. READ MORE

Is Today's New Set a Hit or Miss? (POLL)

After the fallout and ratings slide of Ann Curry's tumultuous exit, The Today Show is looking to the future with the debut of its new set (pictured above).  

Is Today's new set a hit or miss?

Matt Lauer Cites "Laziness of the Media" in Fueling Ann Curry Exit Drama

Much has been written about The Today Show firing Ann Curry and the public's perception of Matt Lauer's involvement. The firing damaged the former No. 1 morning show enough for Good Morning America to take the top spot in the ratings. It also spawned countless attempts by NBC to clean up the mess and salvage Lauer's reputation.

Just when most people had begun to forget about the show's dark days Esquire magazine interviewed Lauer about what transpired. The morning show staple blamed "laziness of the media" in part for repeating rumor after rumor. 

The way the media treated what happened with Ann Curry was a disappointing learning experience. I was disappointed by the laziness of the media, the willingness to read a rumor, repeat that rumor, and treat it as a fact. And yet, what were my options? Does anyone want to see a person who’s making the money that the newspapers say I’m making complaining, “Woe is me, my life is terrible, and people are being unfair”? No one would’ve had any patience for that. I wouldn’t have any patience for that. So you just shut up and go about doing your job and hope that people who know you well — your friends and your family — know what’s true. READ MORE

Jennifer Aniston on Katie Couric: "Is She a Legitimate Journalist?"

Things could be a little awk-ward the next time Chelsea Handler has her two BFFs, Katie Couric and Jennifer Aniston, over for dinner at the same time. During Aniston's recent appearance on Chelsea Lately, Handler informed her pal that Couric had asked about Aniston's engagement to Justin Theroux, when Handler appeared on Katie. Quipped Aniston:

"Is she a legitimate journalist? Is she getting tabloid-y? Wasn't she on The Today Show?"


Could Hoda Kotb Land at The View?

Her’s a bit of talk show intrigue. According to a report by Page Six, ABC is “very interested” in snagging Kathie Lee & Hoda host Hoda Kotb from NBC to replace Joy Behar

Another media insider explained of ABC’s potential move to poach Kotb, “Hoda addresses several of their needs. She has news experience, which is something ‘The View’ has not had since Meredith Vieira left. She also adds some diversity to the panel.”

An ABC rep pushed back on the report, telling Page Six, ““There’s absolutely zero truth to this whatsoever.”

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Would you like to see Hoda Kotb Join The View?

Today Show Cuts Staffers

Pink slips were handed out at NBC’s long-time golden goose Today, according to The Wrap. Reportedly, the former No. 1 morning show laid off some of the show’s staffers.

The spokesperson said that "less than 2 percent" of each show's staff was affected but declined to say the exact number or their positions within the company. "Today"'s layoffs came on Tuesday while "Nightly News" restructured "a few weeks ago," the spokesperson said. READ MORE