Just How Well Are All My Children and One Life to Live Doing on OWN?

Is OWN's summer fling with soap operas One Life to Live and All My Children paying off for the cabler? Marc Berman's website TV Media Insights, has published a breakdown of the soaps first week of Nielsen ratings on Oprah Winfrey's Discovery-backed channel.  Here are the AMC and OLTL numbers for Monday, July 15. An asterisk indicates it was a new episode for the channel:


* Mon July 15 12:30PM 0.1 HH, 144,000 total viewers
* Mon July 15 12:30PM 0.0 HH, 154,000 total viewers
* Mon July 15 1:00PM 0.1 HH, 152,000 total viewers
Mon July 15 1:30PM 0.1 HH, 129,000 total viewers


* Mon July 15 2:00PM 0.1 HH, 123,000 total viewers
* Mon July 15 2:30PM 0.1 HH, 102,000 total viewers
* Mon July 15 3:00PM 0.1 HH, 103,000 total viewers
Mon July 15 3:30PM 0.1 HH, 66,000 total viewers READ MORE

Kassie DePaiva Looks Back at The Highs and Lows on One Life to Live

Kassie DePaiva has seen it all in Llanview, and then some as vixen du jour Blair Cramer on One Life to Live. From duping Todd (Roger Howarth) into marriage, to tossing former nemesis Tea (Florencia Lozano) out of a window, her alter ego has had her fair share of drama. Recently DePaiva opened up to TVSource Magazine about one of the toughest storyline she played out.

DePaiva: For me I think the most challenging storyline that I just didn’t want to hang my hat up on was – or throw my hat in actually was when Todd – I’m not even – I don’t know who wrote it but it’s when she turned her back on Todd and Todd was being played by Trevor at the time and it’s when she was with Spencer [Paul Satterfield]. READ MORE

One Life to Live and All My Children Premiere on OWN TODAY!

It’s time for All My Children and One Life to Live fans to put their eyeballs where their mouths are, and watch Oprah’s Summer Fling With Soaps on OWN! The passion of fans helped inspire Prospect Park to produce the show, but like any production, AMC and OLTL’s long-term success is dependent on the licensing deals they land. That is why it is so important for fans to watch the episodes on OWN, even if you’ve already watched them on Hulu, Hulu Plus or iTunes.

Vote with your remote by tuning in to All My Children and One Life to Live at 1 pm EST and 3 pm EST on OWN.

Michael Easton on General Hospital's Silas: "It Wasn't My First Choice"

To say General Hospital’s Michael Easton has had an eventful year would be an understatement. The actor settled into life in Port Charles as former One Life to Live top cop John McBain, then suddenly was off the canvas due to the ongoing battle between the Mouse House and Prospect Park. Now he's back as new character, Dr. Silas Clay.

Easton recently spoke with TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan about the new gig, Comic-Con and his graphic novel, Credence. Here are a few excerpts:

TV Guide Magazine: Let's talk GH. Due to the brouhaha with Prospect Park, you lost your role as McBain and were off the show for many weeks. Now you're back as this new character, Silas. How does it feel to suddenly play a doctor after so many years as a cop?

Easton: It wasn't my first choice, that's for sure. Cops and doctors are probably the two most thankless jobs a character can have on a soap. You usually wind up with the most egg on your face. It was a bit of a surprise — but then this has all been a surprise, right? I've been thunderstruck since the whole thing came down. I don't think anybody's completely comfortable with what's happened. Hands were forced.

TV Guide Magazine: Are you surprised ABC wound up the villain in this scenario? People seem to forget that the three OLTL characters only went to GH after Prospect Park declared their proposed reboot dead in 2011.

Easton: Completely. Those of us who had commitments to [continue with Prospect Park] were released from those commitments and heard nothing else from them. After you go awhile not making any money, you end up choosing what's right for your family and, for me, that was moving to GH. The whole thing was awkward and I don't think anybody handled it very well, but it is what it is. It feels really terrible to be in the middle because the people on OLTL are my friends. I would love to have worked with them again. It was really hard to have it go down that way. And to not be able to support them and go along on their ride to the Internet made me kind of sad. But I do think people are being too hard on ABC. They kept OLTL going for over 40 years. Yes, having it cancelled was a really bad thing but the network's four-decade commitment shouldn't be forgotten. You can't dismiss it. But that's just my take.


Susan Lucci Talks Possible All My Children Return With Katie Couric (VIDEO)


Everyone and their mama is wondering if Susan Lucci will pop back up on All My Children, even Katie Couric! Katie has released a clip of The Perky One asking the Devious Maids diva about her soapy pursuits.Watch the conversation after the jump!


Kendall Reunites With Bianca Monday, July 8 on All My Children!

Kane women unite! Access Hollywood got an exclusive photo teasing Alicia Minshew's upcoming cameo as Kendall Hart Slater on the new All My Children. Apparently, Erica Kane's (Susan Lucci) eldest daughter is once again in poor health. I bet it's that wonky, borrowed heart. Will baby sister Bianca come to the rescue? Here's what Eden Riegel had to say:

She is coming back for a cameo… and I got to work with her… which was just amazing. Staring into her big brown eyes everything came flooding back, like our old relationship and we shared so many intimate scenes together and also we’re very, very close friends so it was a lovely reunion between Bianca and Kendall,” she said.