TV Recap

Perkie's Observations: Morgan is Caught Between Two Mob Families and a Hard Place on GH


Nathan introduces himself to Silas and says he has questions for the doctor. Silas wonders why Nathan would be interested in something that happened 20 years ago and tells him to call his lawyer. Nathan mentions he’s joined the PCPD and they’ll see a lot of each other. READ MORE

Downton Abbey Recap: Lady Mary Mourns in February 1922

It’s been six months since Matthew’s (Dan Stevens) death, but Mary (Michelle Dockery) is no closer to moving past her grief. In her case, it means she’s even more cold and short with people. 
The family and staff are both very worried.  Mary can barely even force herself to pay any attention to baby George. Isobel (Penelope Wilton) is also overwhelmed with grief at the loss of her only child.  READ MORE

Perkie's Observations: General Hospital's Silas Detonates His Bottle Rocket For Sam on New Year's Eve


Britt tells Lulu and Dante she won’t be able to create new embryos for them, because Lulu has no viable eggs. She questions when Lulu’s last cycle was. Lulu admits things have been off with all the stress she's been under.

Upset, Lulu points out this was their last hope to have a child. Britt cites the physical trauma Lulu suffered on Cassadine Island, but promises to run more tests. READ MORE

Perkie's Observations: Maxie Says Goodbye, Lulu and Hello, Beautiful Stranger on GH


Silas has something important to tell Sam, but is interrupted by an angry Monica. Dr. Quartermaine lets Silas know he’s on a short list of replacements for the chief of staff position and thinks he campaigned for it.  Sam wonders why Monica would object to Silas being named to the position. Monica says she wants her job back. READ MORE

Perkie's Observations: Morgan Pulls a Gun on Sonny on General Hospital!


Carlos manages to escape, despite being shot.  Shawn drags TJ out of the warehouse.  Morgan and Sonny draw guns on each other. Julian urges Morgan to shoot his father.  Sonny pulls back and warns Morgan to do the same, but Max appears, and Morgan accidentally shoots him.  Morgan is upset that he shot Max and runs off. Sonny calls 911.


Perkie's Observations: Guns Are Blazing at the Corinthos Coffee Warehouse on General Hospital


Carlos and the guard fight until the guard is knocked out. Carlos grabs TJ and hides. Sonny and Shawn find the guard. Sonny calls out to Carlos, warning  there is no way out. He's upset to see Carlos using TJ as a shield.  READ MORE