Wishful Casting

Wishful Casting: Deidre Hall to Y&R as Diane Jenkins

I'm too stunned to even give a proper reaction to the news that the IDIOT in charge of Days of Our Lives just fired two of the most popular stars in the history of daytime television, hopefully by tonight's podcast I will have thought of something to say that won't require Luke purchasing a cuss box. So to keep from sticking pins into a voodoo doll replica of Ken Corday's beloved golf bag, I figured I would do a Wishful Casting for Deidre Hall.

I'm not going to waste time by speculating what roles she could possibly play on any of the seven other soaps still on the air but one–The Young and the Restless. Save for the shameful LML years, Y&R has been the one soap that consistently valued its veteran stars. Where else in daytime would you find an 80-year-old (Jeanne Cooper) doing the work of her career in a front burner storyline? READ MORE

Wishful Casting: Which Soap Will Snap Up Drake? AKA Why Doesn't Corday Just Take a Nine Iron To the Hourglass Already?

Sources close to the set of Days of Our Lives are coming forward to say Drake Hogestyn is definitely out, which of course begs the question of whether or not another soap will be interested in capitalizing on the wildly popular star's loyal fanbase. Let's look at the options, soap-by-soap:

The Young and the Restless:

Daytime's ratings champ could prove the perfect fit for Hogestyn. Unlike the youth-obsessed ABC soaps, Y&R values veterans. Hogestyn would be perfect as Matt Miller, the younger brother of Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). With both Phyllis and Nikki's romantic lives in the toilet a new Neman could be just the ticket. Either that or he could always be Chloe's father, Tiny the Plumber, who could find himself is a wacky triangle with Jill (Jess Walton) and Esther (Kate Linder).

General Hospital:

As I mentioned, not exactly known as a soap that particularly values its veterans, GH is still good about seizing an opportunity to cash in on a star's already proven popularity. What if Hogestyn came on as Liz's father Jeff Webber? I can't take credit for this one, because after Days fired Hogestyn the first time, it was heavily speculated across the web that he just might take on the role made famous by Richard Dean Anderson.

Hogestyn would be great as the dashing doctor and give GH a reason to focus more on the hospital. Plus Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) needs a new guy stat! Another possibility, given the raves Hogestyn has received for his darker portrayal of John,  is for GH to have the actor re-create the role of Stavros Cassadine, last played by fellow Days cast off Robert Kelker-Kelly.

Now that Laura (Genie Francis) is no longer on perma-drool, maybe her psycho Baby Daddy Numero Uno could make a return from the beyond? Hogestyn and Francis already made magic together once as John and Diana on Days. READ MORE

Wishful Casting: Josh Duhon as Days' Philip, Jay Kenneth Johnson as GH's Lucas

As sad as I am to hear about the reported contract woes of Jay Kenneth Johnson —of course Days would go after its popular stars who play core character first, instead of getting rid of wastes of airtime like Molly Burnett, or actors with no ties to the canvas like Shawn Christian—you know me, the soap must go on!

If the brass at Days doesn't come to their senses and manage to make a deal to keep Johnson, I think former General Hospital baddie Josh Duhon (ex-Logan) would make a kick ass Philip Kiriakis. Duhon was instantly popular on General Hospital before being sacrificed at the altar of Johnny and Lulu's budding romance. I bet Duhon would crackle with electricity opposite Nadia Bjorlin's Chloe and provide a strong foe for Nu-Brady. READ MORE

Wishful Casting: Should Andrea Evans Pull Double Duty on Y& R?

Now that ABC has finally confirmed what TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco reported weeks ago concerning the departure of Andrea Evans from the Gotham-based One Life to Live, could a West Coast soap be in the cards for the actress?

She played Paul Williams' (Doug Davidson) little sister and Jack's (Peter Bergman) one time love Patty on The Young and the Restless and Amber's (Adrienne Frantz) trashy mother Tawny on Y&R's sister soap The Bold and the Beautiful.

What if Tawny and Patty were twins? Tawny's mother could have been a nurse's aide who stole Tawny from Mary Williams at birth and made off to Death Valley with her. That would make Amber, Paul's niece and Heather's cousin, thus cementing the brilliant Frantz to the Genoa City tapestry.

Wishful Casting: Billy Miller as "Guiding Light's" Shayne Lewis

Sonny come home. Some of my favorite Kim Zimmer soap scenes have been with Reva interacting with her assorted children and grandchildren on Guiding Light. Whether it be fighting and crying ( with Jonathan or Marah), jokingly sharing some booze (Jonathan) or wondering what she did to deserve such a decent kid (Shayne or Dylan), Reva has always been best when playing Mama Bear. Only with all of her cubs scattered to the wind the only chance Reva has to showcase her maternal instincts these days is with her n'er-do-well granddaughter Daisy.

It's time for Reva and Josh's son Joshua Shayne Lewis to make a return trip to Springfield USA in the person of soon-to-be ousted All My Children baddie Billy Miller (Richie). Miller has been brilliant on AMC as whackadoodle Richie and like Zimmer has the ability to make even the smelliest of storyline stinkers work by giving it his all no matter what, which would serve him well in the current scatterbrained state of storytelling at GL. READ MORE

Wishful Casting: Guiding Light's Saundra Santiago As General Hospital's Domenica Zacchara

Sources have revealed a casting call has gone out for "Domenica",  the mother of Sarah Brown's General Hospital mob prima daughter Claudia Zaccharra, according to Soap Opera Digest. It's too bad ABC already wasted the brilliant Linda Dano as Rae Cummings or she'd be perfect for the role.

In lieu of Dano how about Saundra Santiago? The exotic beauity tormented starcrossed lovers Danny and Michelle for years on Guiding Light as mad lady boss Carmen Santos, so she already has the whole lethal mob mom thing down pat.

A lot of GL fans moaned and complained about GL's mob storylines, much like a lot of GH fans do now, but I bet you money most Guiding Light fans would give their eye teeth to have to those days again! I always liked Carmen, especially when pitted up against Bethany Joy Lenz's "Mee-Shell" as she used to spit out with disgust. It's no wonder the emotive Lenz went on to fame on One Tree Hill and Santiago landed a cushy recurring gig on The Sopranos. Santiago was just as menacing with Lenz's follow-up Michelle, Nancy St. Alban. If this phenomenal actress is up for a return to daytime, GH should snap her up pronto!