Tina Sloan Dishes on New Book: Changing Shoes

Tina Sloan recently discussed her new book, Changing Shoes, with TV Guide's Michael Logan. Check out Sloan's thoughts below on life and Guiding Light.

TV Guide Magazine: It's a super read. You deliver some great truths about aging. You make people want to grow up to be you!
Sloan: A lot of people say that to me now and I love it. All my life I've wanted to be a mentor. That's what I've dreamt of being my whole life because I didn't have anybody there to help me when I started out. It's why I wrote it all down for the next generation. I worked so hard on the book — morning, noon and night — and I think it paid off. The book is very different from the stage show, much more honest in many ways. Things got to the point at GL where I felt so diminished by all the attention on the younger women that I withdrew from life. I basically lost five years! I'd sit around the house in my bunny slippers gaining weight, reading murder mysteries and watching the Pride and Prejudice TV series with Colin Firth, like, 25 or 30 times. I became a recluse. And when I did leave the house, I'd go to theaters and watch the Bridget Jones movie time and time again, eating my popcorn and my M&Ms, and loving it because she was allowed to be fat — and she wasn't even that fat! But she got the nice, handsome guy in the end and I took a lot of solace in that. 

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