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Cameron Mathison's Ultimate Proposal a Huge Hit For Yahoo

Seems like the web is the way to go for Cameron Mathison! According to Tubefilter, Ultimate Proposal, hosted by the All My Children hunk, is off to a great start with 1.75 million viewers within its first five days online. The Internet series created by Yahoo, centers on a panel of experts who help potential grooms create original, quirky marriage proposals.

Empire The Series Holds Season 4 Fundrasier

Boys and girls, the Empire gang needs your help! The indie webisoap is currently holding an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to produce a fourth season. IndieGoGo is a site designed for people to donate to creative projects and get rewards in return. Those of you who make uber-big donations to the show will receive a producer's credit for Season 4

"We are at a point where it is go hard or go home, and we fully intend to go hard," says Empire co-creator Greg Turner. "Brian Hewson (co-creator of Empire) and I have written a really fun season, we just gave the actors their first peak at the scripts and they have so far been delighted which is encouraging. We have amassed this incredible group of talent and we really have a fantastic time working together. The fourth season will definitely be epic. Now we just need the money!"


Who's Zoomin' Who on Episode Two of Empire?

Talk about having more drama for your mama! Empire is back with a brand, spanking new episode. What is going on between that no good Theodora (Tina Sloan) and Cubby Haven (Rich Flight)? Thomas (Chris Douros) is back but just won't take Marin's (Kate Forsatz) hint that they have arrived in splitsville and Jake (Toby Levin) and Lucy (Afton Boggiano) have more than a one-night stand to deal with. Watch the latest installment after the jump! READ MORE

Martha Madison Reveals MAJOR Mommy Issues as The Bay's Marlena Garrett-Nelson Foster!

In the latest installment of Confessions of The Garretts, the prequel to Gregori J. Martin's upcoming soap The Bay, we are introduced to Marlena "Marly" Garrett Nelson Foster aka soap alum Martha Madison. Marly is the daughter of troubled socialite Sara Garrett, played by Madison's fellow Days of Our Lives alum Mary Beth Evans.

In this episode, Marly gets real about how her mother's schizo habit of coming in and out of her life has led to all kinds of soaptastic drama for the blonde beauty. Okay Marly...in your Mama's defense, she really couldn't help being kidnapped by her psychotic, rapist, adopted brother, who fathered her first born son. There isn't a "How-To" book out there for that one ya know! Now, having you kidnapped as a child so that your dad would bond with her and leave your stepmother, well...that was pretty effed up. Watch the clip after the jump. I cannot freakin' WAIT for The Bay! The revolution will be WEBIVISED! READ MORE

Workshop To Hold Fundraiser

Workshop: The Series
is holding a fundraiser to finance season two of the hit web series. Workshop creator Nate Golon stated,
I have written another 13 episodes, each episode will be 10 minutes long, and I am ready to shoot it anytime, but I don't have the financial means to do it myself again. The second season is hilarious, even funnier than the first, and I want to make it happen!! My goal is to go into production for the series on August 15th, and shoot the series through September. Episodes will start airing in December. 
Fans interested in helping click here for more information.

Holy Awesomeness, Batman: Soap Superstar Mary Beth Evans in Trailer for The BAY!

(Jamey gets down on his knees, tears streaming down his full, cappucino-colored face.) Praises be to the Soap Gods, it looks like someone is FINALLY poised to get a web soap opera starring a daytime alum RIGHT! Gregori J. Martin (Manhattanites) has released a trailer for his upcoming web series, The Bay, featuring one of daytime's favorite daughter's, Mary Beth Evans. Only this time, Evans will be playing one helluva dysfunctional mother!
If this promo is any indication, the web may have its first, viable transitional series from the once-popular—and profitable— daytime sudser. Crossing fingers, toes and other body parts not suitable for discussion amongst mixed company, or on a blog frequented by young 'uns.

The Bay also stars Tristan Rogers (ex-Scorpio, GH), Sandra Dee Robinson (ex-Amanda, AW), John Callahan ( ex-Edmund AMC; Dr. Baker, DAYS), Lilly Melgar (ex-Lily GH), Martha Madison (ex-Belle DAYS) and Dylan Bruce (ex-Chris, ATWT). Check out the soapgasmic promo, complete with POPULAR MUSIC (swoon) after the jump! Seriously, this is all I ask for... READ MORE