The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps

The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Adam to the Rescue..Or So They Think!

Can Amber Get Daniel Out of This One?

Kevin went to the coffee house and filled in Jana on Daniel being arrested. They then started to worry that she may be next since she was being slated as his accomplice. Meanwhile at the jail Amber and Daniel were discussing how he was being framed. She said once she found him she'd crush him but Daniel reminded her they had to figure out who "he" was first. She flashed back to her conversation with Deacon reminding us she already knew who was behind everything. Michael walked in and said the DA was going for having his bail revoked which would put him in jail up until his trial which was scheduled for midfall. Amber said she would take care of this way before then leaving Michael and Daniel with confusion all over their faces.

Phyllis got a call from Amber who told her about Daniel being arrested again and the evidence the cops found. Amber said they didn't tell her sooner because Daniel thought she had enough to deal with. Phyllis said she would be right there and hung up. Phyllis told Nick and Nikki that Daniel was in jail and headed out to meet up with him. READ MORE

The Young and the Restless Tuesday's Recap: Deacon ups the Stakes!

I have to say today made me want Lily and Cane to work things out so he could be with her. Also gotta love Deacon being a hard ass and back to being the bad boy he was so good at on The Bold and the Beautiful. But I think my favorite part of today was an inkling that maybe they were going to head down the road of reuniting JT and Colleen. If Tamin leaves I hope they recast so they can do this story the way I would love to see it. JT was right in calling Victoria out about being on her high horse when that girl has participated in her fair share of scandals so had no right to jump on Colleen for such a minor infraction. Can't wait till Colleen and JT both figure out Victor was the one behind setting her up. It seems Victor has a lot to answer for these days if any of his secrets come out. But for now enjoy Tuesday's recap....

Lily's Family and Friend's Try to Cheer Her Up:

Colleen headed out into the hall at the hospital and was met by Billy. He asked how Lily was doing and she told him she'd fill him in on the way to the gift shop to get Lily some magazines. READ MORE

The Young and the Restless: Lily Gets Devastating News!

After a long hiatus I'm back to give you your daily Young and the Restless recap fix. There will also be a new addition at the end of every recap. Lil Miss Kitty Fantastico Benson has been all over Genoa City and has seen much. Granted her eyes are glued to be permanently open so it doesn't really give her the chance to miss anything. So every day Miss Kitty will tell you the one moment of the day that she felt stuck out the most and open it up for discussion. So enjoy the recap and then stay tuned for Miss Kitty's Moment of the Day.

Lily Gets Devastating News:

Colleen showed up at the hospital with gifts for Lily from Italy. They tred to keep it light but Lily confessed that she needed Cane with her but didn't feel he wanted anything to do with her anymore. She said how scared she was that she may be going to die and didn't think it was fair since she was just recently the happiest she'd ever been in her life.

Neil, Devon, and Olivia waited in the waiting room to hear the pathology results. Neil said he was going to take his family on vacation to Hawaii once Lily was in the clear and Devon mentioned that she'd love that. Olivia went to get the results and came back with a look on her face that wasn't promising. READ MORE

The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: And the Emmy Goes To..Lil Miss Kitty Fantastico!

Sharon continues to lie on today's episode which boggles the mind because if she's doing this to ease Nick's pain it seems like she's only making it worse. Heather starts to once again jump to conclusions before really looking into a situation. Jeffrey makes the idiotic mistake of thinking he can overthrow Victor but Gloria is obviously rattled. And Lily shows signs of actually having some of Dru in her as she takes on Nina face to face.

Blood Tests and Catfights at the Chancellor Estate:

Jill was on the phone with her boss saying she had a family emergency but got someone to cover for her. Katherine came in and asked where Jill had been. Jill said Katherine looked really tired and Katherine said she hadn't been sleeping well. Jill said when they found out who moved Phillip's body that would be where the torture began. Katherine advised Jill that she didn't want her taking her anger out on Nina. Jill snapped saying that Nina was the one throwing around accusations and placing all the blame on Cane but God forbid someone be hard on her. Katherine snapped back that Nina was looking for answers and wondered if Nina was right and the child Jill had given birth to was wandering around out there somewhere. READ MORE

The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: The Deed is Done..Where To Now?

It seems to me that fans who have been rooting for Adam and Rafe to finally hook up may be on the road to disappointment. I got the feeling that Adam was not thrilled that it all went down the way it did. I could be wrong though so we'll just have to wait an see. It was nice seeing Nick step up to the plate to help Phyllis through this but I don't see what good Sharon lying about the paternity of her baby did anyone. I can't wait until Victor finds out that Mary Jane put his granddaughter in a coma..we may see vengence like we have come to enjoy seeing from him and it may make the perfect scapegoat for Adam to pin all his crimes on. All in all I found this to be a very enjoyable episode..but judge for yourselves and you read today's recap of Monday Madness on The Young and the Restless!

Victor has a lot on his mind...leading him to meet Lil Miss Kitty Fantastico:

The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Adam and Rafe So It Begins!

Today we had more of the annoying Cassie prediction tirade which ended in the reveal of whose the daddy. Adam and Rafe start down the road many of our readers have been itching for. Mac and Billy give into their feelings. And Mary Jane goes from being one of my favorite looney tunes to crossing the line into a character I hate. I'm sorry but you don't mess with children there's no redemption after that. But with that said here's today's recap....

Whose the Daddy? Cassie apparently knew from beyond the grave: