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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: An Ominous Break-in


The detective stopped by Amber and Daniel's to investigate the break-in. Amber explained that Daniel didn't want to call the police that's why they didn't call right away but the detective said that it made everything hard to believe. Amber reminded him about the angry letters with the threats just as Daniel showed up and wanted to know why Amber had called the police.

Jana did more research on the stolen painting Daniel was replicating and flashed back to a conversation she had with Daniel about it.

Kevin came out with Gloria and Jeffrey who told them they rented Phyllis' penthouse but didn't have any explanation of how they were going to pay for it. Kevin offered Gloria a job if she needed money but Gloria told him they had other "secret" plans and left. READ MORE

The Young and the Restless Monday's Recap: Sabrina's Ghost Foils Adam's Plans

Ashley/Victor/Adam and the Ghost of Sabrina:

Yes you read right Sabrina somehow managed to make a momentary comeback. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Victor started the episode by talking to the shrink about what had been going on with Ashley. She asked him if he was worried Ashley might be a danger to herself but he remained firm that his main concern was for the pregnancy.

Adam watched from upstairs in full gloat mode and decided to pay a visit to Ashley's room. She told him about what happened at the hospital and he feigned shock and concern like a con man pro.

Olivia brought Jack over to discuss the situation and Jack told Ashley he wanted to take her out of there. She insisted that she wanted to stay there which started an argument between Jack and Victor. Olivia took Ashley back upstairs and once again tried to bring up her seeking therapy but Ashley made Olivia feel like she didn't trust her. Ashley told her she felt like she was trapped in the house so Olivia suggested she go for a walk and then come back and get some sleep.

Adam watched and laughed at Jack and Victor's argument over Ashley. Olivia came downstairs and told them to stop arguing if they didn't want Ashley upset. Victor told Jack to leave and to not come back unless he wasn't there. READ MORE

The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Nick Changes His Mind...Again!

Victoria Becomes Suspicious of Adam:

Victoria tried to get into Adam's room when there was no answer and called to JT to help.

Victor looked through the book of Sabrina pictures and asked Ashley how it got into her purse.

Ashley asked Victor why this was happening and asked if Estella had been to the ranch or found a way into her hospital room. Victor told her that wasn't possible and she needed to relax and calm down. Ashley's heart rate started to spike and Olivia came in to check on her.

Victoria went downstairs and told JT she needed to get into Adam's room. JT told her he would go take a look. They got into Adam's room and found it empty. JT reminded her Adam had an ankle monitor so had to be somewhere in the house. Victoria started to search his room to see if she could figure out what Adam was up to. She picked up the bag the ankle monitor was in just as Adam came back into the room.

They managed to get Ashley's heart rate down but Ashley insisted she go back to the ranch. Olivia said it would be best if she stayed just to be safe but Ashley insisted she go home. READ MORE

The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Adam Sneaks Over to the Hospital!

Ashley in the Hospital:

Adam asks if there's anything he can do as Victor and Olivia leave to take Ashley to the hospital. They tell him there isn't and leave and Adam sprints upstairs.

Olivia told Ashley and Victor that she'd been reinstated at the hospital so could be her doctor. Ashley told him everything she'd been doing to stay calm but it was hard with everything that was going on. Olivia started checking for a fetal heartbeat and told Ashley to take deep breaths and relax.

Olivia told them she could hear a heartbeat and it was strong and steady but she was going to order an ultrasound to make sure. After Olivia was gone Victor and Ashley talked about how happy they were the baby was ok.

Victoria finished up a business call and JT said her business side was a turn on. They started to leave to go home but got a call from Victor telling them about Ashley being in the hospital. Victoria said they would be there right away but Victor asked them to go to the ranch to talk to Abby and check on Adam.

Adam called one of his deviant buddies to come pick him up so he could deliver a book with Sabrina pictures in it to Ashley at the hospital. READ MORE

The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Mac and Chloe Bond...Sorta!

We currently have an octagon disaster of Jack, Sharon, Nick, Phyllis, Billy, Chloe, Mac, and Raul. To briefly summarize this mess we have Jack and Sharon back together but her baby may be her ex-husband Nick's who is currently married to Jack's ex-wife Phyllis or Jack's kid brother Billy's who is currently married to Chloe who already has a baby by Billy but moved out because he's still hung up on his ex-cousin/ex-wife Mac who recently got engaged to his childhood best friend Raul. Now everyone take a deep breath and Ok now that's out of the way let's get started with what happened on today's episode of The Young and the Restless.

The Octagon of Doom:

The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Billy Has a REALLY Bad Day!

Musical Partners of Jack, Sharon, Billy, Chloe, Raul, and Mac:

Mac sat alone at the Chancellor Estate and looked at the engagement ring Raul gave her, flashing back to the proposal. Meanwhile over at the Abbott Estate Billy sat obviously upset and flashed back himself to Raul telling him he wanted to marry Mac. Chloe snapped him out of this memory by suggesting they have a family outing at the park. Billy didn't respond so she said he could invite Mac and Raul and tell them it was killing him that they were together. He got fed up with the conversation and said he had to go before storming out.

Jack was in deep thought in the living room and Sharon noticed this. She asked him if he was ok and he said he was fine. She mentioned they hadn't seen eachother much in the past couple of days and he responded that he wanted to give her space to grieve alone. She asked if he was mad about that and he said he was fine with it. She told him she'd had a conversation that she wanted to share with him and asked him if he would be around later. He said he would be and she left. READ MORE