The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps

The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: A Breakdown and a Wedding Reception

Ashley Freaks Out...Again:

Ashley continued to listen to Sabrina's voice on her phone while Adam watched. She freaked out, dropped the phone, and ran to the door to leave when Victor arrived. He brought her back inside and assumed Adam had upset her. She told him it wasn't Adam but that Sabrina's voice was on the phone telling her she was going to die. READ MORE

Victor asked Ashley what happened and she went through it in detail. Adam said he was there for the whole thing and Ashley looked petrified. He said it must have been Estella and asked Victor if he fired her. Victor said he did and Adam said she must have done it out of revenge. Ashley wondered how Estella would make her voice sound like Sabrina's and Adam suggested that maybe Estella used a recording of Sabrina's voice. Victor looked at Ashley's phone and found out the caller ID had the number listed as invalid. He called and talked to Rafe and found out there was no way Estella made the call because it wasn't listed on her phone. Adam asked if Estella didn't make the call who did?

The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Lily and Cane Get Hitched

Lane Finally Get Married:

Cane called Lily to hear her voice before the wedding. Once they hung up Neil and Olivia told her they had to do something before the wedding but would make sure to get her there on time.

Mac, Nina, Katherine, and Murphy went to the church early to make sure everything was perfect. Katherine asked them if they'd heard from Jill but Mac and Nina said they'd be the last people she'd call. Katherine said she hoped Jill would make it. Mac told them that Billy was going to be there because Cane invited him personally.

Billy congratulated Phyllis and Nick about the success of Restless Style. He said he was thrown but how sincere Cane was about being brotherly. He and Chloe then joked about being invited to the wedding saying at least there'd be free champagne and maybe some fireworks with the crowd that would be there.

Billy and Chloe showed up at the church and Katherine asked where Delia was. Chloe said Esther was watching her because she had the sniffles. Billy said that Cane invited him and he was there for him as Mac looked on.

Cane gave Devon Lily's ring and told him his Aunt in Australia made it and had it engraved with a kangaroo to remind Lily that she was married to an Aussie from the Outback. Devon said the ring Lily got for Cane was engraved too. READ MORE

The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: The Wedding Rehearsal

Abbott/Newman Drama:

Nick called Phyllis to tell her he was going to be late for dinner because he had to talk to his dad. Before he could ring the doorbell he found a package for Adam sitting on the porch. Adam let Nick in but Nick wouldn't hand over the package saying he didn't trust him. When Nick questioned what was in the package Adam said it was computer software in brail and if Nick didn't believe him he'd show him his brail computer. He hurried along to get it and ran into a table on the way. Nick asked if he could help but Adam told him to just leave. Nick dropped the package on the couch and left.

Jack and Sharon went to the club for dinner and ran into Phyllis. The women shared some snide comments and then Jack escorted Sharon to their table. As soon as they were gone Mary Jane came over to Phyllis and told her there was a major news guy who wanted to do an interview with her. Phyllis wanted it to wait until tomorrow but Mary Jane said he would be leaving that night and it had to be now or never so Phyllis agreed and they left to go over to Restless Style.

Jack received a phone call from a frantic Chloe saying Delia wouldn't stop crying and Billy was at Jimmy's. Jack told Sharon he'd be right back and headed over to send Billy home. READ MORE

The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Suspicion and Bankruptcy

One quick thing before I start. Is it just me or in the picture I posted above does it look like Victor has Ashley in a headlock? Hehe....ok now onto the recap...

Cayman Islands Catastrophe:

Jeffrey and Gloria were in the Caymans trying to get their money out of the failing bank. Jeffrey was on the phone with his contact so Gloria went to get ice. She ran into Jill who confessed her money was also in the bank and it was everything she had. Gloria offered to have Jeffrey help her get her money out too.

Jeffrey was able to get his assets out of the bank before it went under but was unable to help Jill. She freaked out and yelled that she was ruined. Jeffrey suggested she sell her half of the mansion to Katherine but Jill said there was no way she would do that because that's exactly what Katherine wanted.

Jill called the charter company to get home for Cane's wedding but was told they went under when the bank did as all their holdings were with the bank as well. Jeffrey offered to help Jill get home and give her enough money to get her life started again. READ MORE

The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Proposals, Plots and Jealousy

All the storylines seemed to blend together in some way today on The Young and the Restless so I wasn't able to categorize them. But things are definitely heating up as proposals are made, plots are uncovered, and jealousy arise.

Today on Y&R...

Nikki was speechless to Paul's marriage proposal till he pulled out a ring and she told him that she couldn't say yes but she wasn't saying no either.

Ashley continued to wonder if she's once again losing her mind but Victor did his best to convince her that it's someone else who is doing this to her.

Adam got angry about Rafe's news on the medical discharge not being possible. He snapped that he couldn't live like this anymore and Rafe promised him that he wouldn't stop trying till he got him released. Rafe left to get Adam some aspirin and a glass of water giving him time to hide the box of medicine. Adam told Rafe how being at the ranch has been the same as being in prison. Rafe told him that no matter what Adam needed he'd be there for him. READ MORE

The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Jill the Bragging Winner and Sore Loser

Once again I apologize about not posting Friday's recap but I had an emergency issue I had to tend to. But I'm back to bring you recaps for another week of plots, schemes, catfights, and seductive delights on The Young and the Restless. Enjoy!!

The Photo Shoot and Bar Room Banter:

Lily got very upset about how Restless Style wanted to portray marriage. She felt like if they made this statement it would be a slap in the face to every happily married couple out there. Chloe got irritated and told Lily her "diva moment" was costing them time and money. Cane asked Chloe if this was her way of sticking it to Lily once again. Chloe just rolled her eyes and said with all that was going on Lily was the least of her worries.

Cue Billy going to Jimmy's to once again talk to Mac.

Nikki told Lily she understood how she felt about what being in love was like but that modeling was about make believe and if she couldn't handle the challenge of it her career could end before it could get started. Cane continued to harp on the matter so Chloe told him to pick Lily up and leave so they could call in real models who don't complain. Lily told Cane she was ready to make misery look fabulous. READ MORE