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Kathy Brier Leaving One Life to Live

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It is a sad, sad day for One Life to Live fans. Just when the show was getting back on track word comes that one of its most talented young actresses, Kathy Brier, will be leaving the show. Brier, who has given the Emmy nominated role of Marcie Walsh McBain her all, has never phoned in a performance. She has always made the best out of what have often been crappy storylines and has endeared herself to new and long time fans alike. Brier's portrayal of the beautifully average Marcie bucked the daytime trend towards Barbie doll thin actresses and female characters, making her and the character of Marcie more relatable to the average American woman.

Be sure to drop by her Official Website and her Official MySpace Page and wish her well. We here at Daytime Confidential certainly do.

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