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Oh the possibilities

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Before I even start let me just say this is SPECULATION/WISHING. This is not fact nor spoiler nor casting news.

Now with that out of the way. We here at Daytime Confidential are big fans of veteran actors. We believe that the way to save soaps is have cross generational storylines involving core families. Unfortunately, so many soaps are so focused on youth that they seem to forget that its the veterans of today who are what made it possible for the genre to survive this long.

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So when one of our favorite former General Hospital veterans starts talking about The Young and the Restless (the soap that does cross generational s/l the best) red lights of hope start flashing. In his forums and on his myspace page recently Tristan Rogers has brought up the number one rated soap so we wanted to ask what everyone thought if Tristan ended up on Young and the Restless?

I am of the opinion that he would make an EXCELLENT love interest for the heart broken Jill Abbot or what about Nikki Newman? I'll bet either woman would love a role in the hay with a former WSB agent. The way I see it considering how badly General Hospital uses its vets, it deserves to have someone with Tristan's talent end up on a competing soap.

What do you think? If Tristan can't be on General Hospital which soap would you like him to be on and who would you like to see him paired with on that soap?