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Going, Going, Gone?

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UPDATE: Michael Easton says on his website that his contract isn't even up in 2007 and that he's not going anywhere.

My first thought is that we are extremely close to 2008 and Ravenbeauty said that he'd be gone by the first week of December. Well, that's very close to 2008 and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if a possible departure (if in fact he does leave anytime soon) could be pushed back into early 2008 and therefore his statement would still be true.


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Who knew that a single storyline (that isn't a serial killer s/l) could take out so many actors in such a short amount of time. First it was reported that Christina Chambers is leaving (no loss there), then came word that Kathy Brier (HUGE loss there) was leaving, and now ABC spoiler diva Ravenbeauty is reporting that Michael Easton will be gone by the first week of December.

As one of One Life to Live's main leading men one would assume that this loss could be huge blow to the rebounding soap. Fortunately, One Life to Live has a large pool of talented actors to choose from (most of whose characters actually have connections to core families) who have been waiting for the opportunity to move up to leading man status.

Of course, the most interesting question surrounding Easton's departure is where will he land next? It has been rumored for sometime that General Hospital has wanted to bring the actor to the west coast as a possible Cassadine. This of course was mentioned a long time ago so Cassadine fans shouldn't get their hopes up, he could just as easily be a mobster.

What do you think of Easton's possible departure? Would you like to see him on General Hospital and if so what type of character or family would you like him to be or associated with?