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Ridge Forrester Beastmaster?

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Time to make a confession for those of you who don't already know this from listening to the podcast but I am a fairly new Bold & Beautiful viewer. So here is the deal. On today's show (October 10th) they had a bunch of flash back moments and I'd really appreciate it if you all could give me a bit of history about these pictures.


For example, why does Ridge look like he spent way to much time on the set of Beastmaster ? Could he have been mentoring the Beastmaster himself Daniel Goddard (Y&R's Cane I'm pretending to be an Chancellor)?  Oh, and why does Brooke look like she stole a headpiece from the set of Cleopatra? I'm pretty sure Elizabeth Taylor had an inventory done of her set props and is looking for it.

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Then we have this next gem. I realize that this may sound terrible considering Brooke appears to be wearing a wedding dress but the first thing I thought when I saw this picture was that "why is Mary Queen of Scotts being rowed to her beheading?" I know, I'm a bit twisted but still, what's the story behind this picture? It looks like a great location shoot but without knowing the history it looks really funny.



Don't worry, I'm not going to make fun of the baby, I'm not that mean folks. However, can somone tell me, are these two pictures of the same baby? If so, who is the child. If not who are the two children?

 So there you have it folks, any enlightenment you might provide would be appreciated.