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Renee Jones Fired, Again!

Days of Our Lives has fired Renee Jones for the second time in a year. This is getting ridiculous.  Scratch that, this is ridiculous!  Firing an veteran actress and then bringing her back to let her site on the sidelines and then fire her again a few months later is so unprofessional (or at least it appears so to the average person) it isn't even funny.

Of course comes on the heals of Days of Our Lives firing 21 year veteran Drake Hogestyn which already has fans in an uproar.  Days of Our Lives might be in trouble ratings wise and cast cuts are probably a reality but still, the same actress fired twice in one year?

One hopes she does what Vincent Irizarry did when All My Children fired him for no good reason.  Hopefully she ends up on another soap almost immediately. Here's a thought, if we can't have Victorial Rowell back as Drucilla and a recast is possible (I know a lot of people would never consider a Dru recast) then Jones would be the perfect person to take over the role.

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