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Weekly Horoscope

October 29th - November 4th, 2007

ARIES: As Aries Bette Davis would say, "Buckle your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy week!" Keep you're eye on the bigger picture, so you see opportunity instead of the annoying roadblocks Mercury tosses your way this week. An intriguing mystery grabs your attention on Halloween, and tenacious Aries that you are, you'll spend all weekend trying to figure it out!

TAURUS: Taurus born Dwayne Johnson, "The Rock", is a perfect example of how you're feeling now; confident, strong and up for just about anything! Expect to change direction at the drop of a hat every day this week, and watch out for the other guy, who's driving or moving just as erratically as you, thanks to Mercury! Your Halloween costume (or lack of one) reflects the true inner you, so choose wisely!

GEMINI: Michael J. Fox is a great example of Gemini curiosity, and like him, you'll be in research mode this week, on the lookout for updated information, new ideas and confirmation to back your latest schemes and designs. Your romantic life heats up on Halloween, and after the candy's gone, you'll spend the rest of the week looking a little more closely at the person behind the mask, to determine if they're "trick" or "treat"!

CANCER: You're ready for a complete make over, and not just because it's Halloween! Think Pamela Anderson or Tom Cruise, both famous Cancers who keep transforming themselves to appear bigger than life. So go out on a limb and make a radical change to hair, wardrobe or makeup this week. Watch the budget though, as you've already spent most of it on extravagant Christmas presents, already wrapped and tucked under your bed in anticipation of the holidays!

LEO: Martha Stewart finds a way to make everything she does a work of art, showing off her Leo knack for elegant living. You're in an artistic mood yourself this week, whether it's creating the spookiest Halloween party ever, or redecorating the house. You're feeling pretty generous these days, but watch out or you'll give away more than you intend! Halloween is one of your favorite holidays and this year, a most memorable one, when you cross paths with a mysterious masked stranger!

VIRGO: With all the recent changes in your life, this is a great week to stop and evaluate your progress; where you stand versus where you want to go, much like Virgo Dr. Phil does on TV! It's time to make hard and fast decisions, and move away from people or activities that hold you back. You've been on the fence with a friend, but Halloween night reveals a fascinating side you've never seen before, reflected in the costume they wear! Take a break this weekend and just vege; you've earned it!

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LIBRA: Libra Will Smith makes it a point to show off his range of talents by taking on unexpected roles, and this week, you're ready to do the same! Your schedule is overloaded, as you dash from the conference room to the costume store, the grocery, a party or two, even a romantic interlude all with the grace and charm Libras seem to have an endless supply of. People will expect you to be the balancing force in their lives this week, tying all their loose ends together for them!

SCORPIO: You view the world through a telescopic lens this week, and as Scorpio Carl Sagan would attest, there's a whole new Universe out there waiting for you to explore! Be mindful of appointments and commitments; with your head in the clouds, it's easy to lose track of what day it is, which could find you empty handed when the doorbell starts chiming Halloween night! An item you've been waiting for finally arrives by mail, and this time, thanks to Mercury's return to forward motion in your sign, you won't have to send it back!

SAGITTARIUS: Staying balanced is your biggest challenge this week; there's so much you'd rather be doing, but duty calls. Expect to be popular when the doorbell rings on Halloween, thanks to your reputation for being the most generous candy giver in the neighborhood! Your ability to laugh at yourself and the world around you helps everyone keep an optimistic mind set, like Sagittarius Jon Stewart, who makes his living doing just that on The Daily Show!

You could get a little grouchy when things stall on you this week, as it's against their nature for Capricorns to sit idle any length of time! Capricorn Ted Danson is a great example. His role as the pessimistic doctor on Becker reflects how hard Capricorns can be on themselves, so cut it out! You'll opt for staying in Halloween night, inviting a few of your favorite ghouls and goblins in to show off your great entertaining skills! You'll be back on track by the weekend, so don't worry about things you can't seem to get to!

AQUARIUS: You'll be flying by the seat of your pants this week, but luckily, Aquarians not only expect the unexpected, they thrive on it! Your dreams are even closer than you think, so keep moving towards them, despite the strange and eerie obstacles that pop up this week. You have an uncanny way of transforming yourself this Halloween: consider dressing up as one of your favorite Aquarian musicians; Alice Cooper, Yoko Ono or Bob Marley to name just a few!

PISCES: Your fun loving ways draw others closer as you mirror the friendly nature of another Pisces, Willard Scott. You're happy with the world at large, sidestepping obstacles without even noticing something's in your way! The down side is you're accident prone, so be careful, especially if your Halloween costume involves a long cape or extended skirt or train. You're so in tune with people this week that it's easy to read their minds, and you may discover someone nearby has a crush on you!

Celebrity Birthdays This Week: Winona Ryder-36, Henry Winkler-62, David Ogden Stiers-65, Jenny McCarthy-35, Stephanie Powers-65, Roseanne Barr-55 and Matthew McConaughey-38.

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