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Marcus Patrick Out!


After months of online rumor and speculation it is official. Marcus Patrick has been let go and in a message to his fans he speaks out about his departure from Days of Ours Lives.

In the message to his fans, Patrick makes some interesting points. However, I'm not sure that alleging he's more popular than Alison Sweeney based on his IMDB rating is a fair representation of his popularity or hers.

That having been said, Marcus Patrick fans can check out his 2008 calendar at his website. He also has three other projects in the works "I Do..I Did",  "Burn Sands", and "The Dark Party" whose tag line is "Is Love Beautiful in the Dark".

Here is his letter to his fans.

Days of Our Lives has chosen not to renew my contract.

After 3 successful months, they felt that they had no more use for my character. It was strange as my IMDB rating was the highest of anyone on their show, including Allison Sweeney!!

When I asked why it happened, I was told...."That's Show Business."

Was I disappointed? A little at first, and a bit hurt too. But with thought, I feel instead like it is a big blessing. It puts me back into the mix as a free agent. I've been busy auditioning for TV shows (Heroes and Dirty Sexy Money), and have booked a national Ross commercial. So all is good.

What is in the immediate future? i have meetings set up with the heads of Daytime TV at both CBS and ABC. There are also meetings with the executive producers of some major TV shows. I look forward to being on, or creating a show that bravely deals with the current issues of today's world and focuses on a much higher level of acting.

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There were rumors running around that Days was going to terminate me due to my Playgirl Magazine cover, and also my dancing and stripping. I was told that it had nothing to do with it, but I am not sure that's true.

If you look at today's television, it is still quite behind the times as far as involving people of color. Days of Our Lives in fact now will have only one person (a black man) as their ethnic character (token). There are over 22 caucasian people on that particular show. This doesn't reflect real life. The Playgirl issue was one of the if not the most successful issues ever. It has sold at least 2 million copies and still selling (even on my website, and that translates into fans, which I would have thought would boost the ratings.

I will continue to be comfortable and do nudity in filmsor other media as required. Again, it is art. Artists are here to represent and air the dirty laundry of society in both a dramatic and comedic sense so we can reflect and make change for the better and have fun at the same time

I've been often asked, "Why do I dance and strip?" I love to dance!!! It has been a great means of support financially and helps pay my expenses. Probably you all think that someone on a "soap" gets rich. Well it is not true. The pay is low and the hours are long.

It is very expensive to live in Los Angeles. I have a mortgage, taxes, agent, insurance, car payment etc. I have to be able to provide consistent means to support myself and family. I also have to make myself available to audition (which is always in the daytime). The entertainment business doesn't usually provide that so I have to do what I have to do.

I also love to dance!!! It is great cardio exercise for me. Case in point....should I pay to go to a gym to get my cardio be bored for an hour, or should I dance at night and get paid!!! (ha ha) figure it out!

I have been questioned about my fan base by many. I get questioned all the time about my own sexuality. I dance at gay bars, and also for women at The Hollywood Men ( I attract a huge multi cultural and multi sexual fan base. But back the question at hand.....I am a free being and I could care less what a person does in their bedroom as long as they treat me with respect. I love all people the same. We are exactly as Mother Nature intended us to be. As long as you respect and don't hurt other people we're fine.

In closing, I am a humanitarian. I rescued Michelle Maylene from the porn business and she is my girlfriend/fiancee and she is the best partner I have ever had. You can write to Michelle at and see her interviews and views.

I hope you will all continue your unconditional support for me and I always try to "BE THE CHANGE IN THE WORLD YOU WISH TO SEE."

Much Love,