Cady McClain Gone!




Cady McClain is out as Rosanna on As the World Turns. McClain broke the news on her


with the following.

"I have sad news. TPTB are wrapping up the Rosanna storyline early. I was slated to work through February, but the story took a dramatic turn that will alter that plan. I have always been open to all possibilities, even this one, but I will be sad to have to say goodbye so soon.

Thanks for all your support during my brief return! Who knows where I shall land next. It’s gonna be an interesting 2008!"

As a fan of McClain's Rosanna this is extremely frustrating. Why did As the World Turns bring her back just to waste her on the debacle that is the Paul/Rosanna/Craig/Meg storyline? Rosanna should have returned and kicked Craig's ass out of Montgomery Enterprises and teamed up with Lucinda to bring him down. Rosanna should have been Carly's confidant and helped her get Jack. Now we're going to get a "dramatic turn"?  I'm not sure I want to even know what TPTB have planned.

All My Children Fans
should be extremely excited for the simple fact that in a recent interview the new writers of AMC basically said they wouldn't have gotten rid of Cady's Dixie the way McTavish did. They also seemed to indicate (and this is my interpretation) that they wouldn't be opposed to bringing her back.

Let Cady returning to AMC rumors begin!