GH Scoops & Spoilers 11.12.07

Here's the Scoop!

Johnny was right!

 AZ will think Leyla is his dead wife. This is when he'll make her choose, Patrick or Robin. Does history repeat itself? Will ZaCrazy shoot his "wife" all over again? Patty Boy and ZaCrazy should be in a struggle for the gun. During the struggle, Leyla is hit. So far, Leyla is said to only suffer a flesh wound. Robin passes out sometime after Leyla is shot. She’ll have another premonition of her death, said to be a dream sequence of sorts. 

Is Lulu the next person to find herself in AZ's grasp?

 She's said to call the mad man out but enter Johnny to stop his father. AZ hands the gun to Johnny, telling him to shoot Lulu. He'll fire one off at Daddy instead, too bad the gun is out of bullets.

Remember the theme...would you die for love?

Is Maxie telling Elizabeth her best friend has died?

 RUMOR has it that a freaked out Maxie says Emily is dead. Elizabeth rushes to the house. Another RUMOR has Jason trying to revive his sister. BUT it could be Jason coming to the barn to tell Elizabeth Emily has died. We’re supposed to see a grieving Liz over Emily’s body. Nikolas takes off when Emily’s body is discovered. Remember, he’s got a gun. Jason, Jax and Carly are there when Em’s body is found. Liz comes in later.

Jason's love shows loud and clear when AZ grabs Elizabeth.

  Any Liason fans remember ‘First, Last and Always?’ Is Sonny losing his #1 position? But first we’ll have the aftermath of the reveal. Lucky calls Liz a whore and gets a punch in on Jason. Liz isn’t thrilled with Jason’s timing. When AZ gets his hands on Liz, he’s got a gun on her and she’s said to be standing on the ledge. Jason steps in. Do they jump to their safety?

Jason leaves Elizabeth with Carly!

 Jason's going to investigate some gunshots and he wants the ladies to lock themselves in a bedroom. Carly doesn’t want to wait and leaves Elizabeth alone. This is when ZaCrazy gets his hands on the maternal one. What about the gunfire? It should be when Sonny gets shot by AZ trying to protect Kate. Carly should have stayed with Liz, RUMORS say she’ll be strangled by the killer. Remember Laura Wright spilled that Carly gets mouth to mouth. It looks like Jerry Jax will be giving Carly CPR.

Who tells Lucky that his childhood friend has died?

 It looks like it could be Jax dropping the bomb on an already reeling Lucky. Jax will want Lucky and Sam to make their way to the barn but they’ll insist on looking for Nikolas.


That Skye Chandler-Quartermaine will be the next to leave Port Chuck…..

That Georgie is strangled and Maxie finds her…..

That Emily’s funeral has six eulogies…….

That the murders continue on for months…..

That Steve Burton is losing his shirt in another love scene with Rebecca Herbst…..