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Weekly Horoscope

November 12th - November 18th, 2007

Aries Eddie Murphy's ("Beverly Hills Cop") claim to fame is his outspoken wit, and fellow Aries can use the same talent this week to meet the unexpected challenges that come along. They say the best medicine is laughter, and you'll find it a cure-all for whatever ails you, be it work, finances or relationships. On the other hand, you'll have to be the "squeaky wheel" this week to get people to do their jobs.

George Clooney (ER) is the epitome of Taurus success and sensuality. You'll experience both this week, as things finally come together in your career and personal life. Be sure to take all the credit for the acquisitions that comes your way; don't you remember how hard you've been working this last year? You've got a vacation coming up, and it's well deserved.

GEMINI: "Luff is in dah air" as Gemini Dr. Ruth would say! Romance, fun and heartwarming experiences come your way this week. Watch out for your Gemini tendency to multi-task in matters of the heart though, or you'll run out of time for anything else as you dash from one paramour to the other. Just to make things interesting, the Universe presents you with a third choice to consider!

CANCER: The Scorpio Sun tends to bring out all your secrets this week! Like Cancer Lindsay Lohan, you'll feel like your private life is on public display. So if there are any skeletons still hanging in your closet, you may want to do a little housecleaning to keep embarrassment to a minimum! Romance heats up over the next few weeks, and you'll find yourself preparing for the holidays with more joy and passion than you have in years!

LEO: Leos love to shine, so seek out the spotlight if it isn't already pointed in your direction. Leo Lucille Ball was one of the most outspoken female actors in Hollywood, so take her lead and start expressing yourself more boldly this week. You've got plenty to say, and everyone pauses to listen (not unlike an E. F. Hutton commercial), as soon as you let out a roar!

VIRGO: Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady - "Days Of Our Lives") creates her memorable character by paying extra close attention to detail, and using her quick wits to make things work in her favor. If you'll adopt the same Virgo tools she uses, you too can make a name for yourself at work. Or, if you've simply had it with your own job, look around for someone else's you'd rather have.

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LIBRA: Kelly Ripa ("AMC"/"Live with Regis and Kelly") has the Libra balancing act down to a fine art, juggling between her TV career, hubby Mark Consuelos ("AMC") and kiddos. You'll consider adding one more thing to your busy life this week, or even two! No matter how many things you decide to take on, you'll have the Libra agility to do it all to perfection, and look fabulous all the while!

SCORPIO: You soar from ordinary into extraordinary this week, crossing that fine line you've been trying to leap over for months! Like Scorpio Josh Duhamel's leap from "Pine Valley" to "Vegas", you may decide it's time for a change of scenery. Of course, this could mean anything from a different job to a different partner, or changing your favorite ice cream or color: Whatever it is, you're on the lookout for something brand new!

SAGITTARIUS: You're not one to pick a fight, but if one comes your way, like Sagittarius Felicity Huffman ("Desparate Housewives"), your detractors will spar with a worthy opponent. Armed with the facts, you'll be able to win any debate or argument this week, easily convincing others to see things your way. Hmmm, have you ever considered becoming a lawyer, Sagittarius?

You're a keen observer of life this week, though trying to stay objective could be a challenge. Like Capricorn Katie Couric ("CBS Nightly News"), you'll want to focus on the facts and keep emotions to a minimum to give the best delivery. Just when you think no one's noticed all the hard work you've been doing, a bonus or promotion at work proves you wrong!

Aquarius Ashton Kutcher ("That 70's Show") knows the only limits in life are the ones we place on ourselves. You've got a dream, and the only thing holding you back is the support of others. Never mind them; it's time to take a leap of faith. Then you can wave to them from the top of the mountain, and pat yourself on the back for your innovative visions!

PISCES: Pisces Patricia Heaton ("Every Loves Raymond") has had a steady climb up the ladder of success, making every role she's played uniquely her own. You're in the midst of a ladder climb yourself, so don't skip steps on your way to the top! List your plans for the future on paper, then pass them by a friend to make sure you're headed upward, the only way to go from here!

Celebrity Birthdays This Week:
David Schwimmer ("Friends"), Chris Noth ("Sex And The City"/"Law and Order"), Josh Duhamel ("Vegas"), Beverly D'Angelo ("National Lampoon's Vacation"), Lisa Bonet ("Cosby"), Daisy Fuentes ("MTV"), and Linda Evans ("Dallas").

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