GH Scoops & Spoilers 11.13.07

Here's the Scoop!

Liason Fans should be happy, the couple's history will be discussed today. I'm seeing RUMORS that they talk about when they first met and fell for each other. Baby Jake's namesake is said to get a mention.

What about Leyla? Well it looks like today Patrick will pretty much beg her to pick him and not Robin. She does pick Patrick as the previews have shown but she tries to step in and save Patty Boy only to get shot herself. Robin tries to help Leyla as Patrick struggles with ZaCrazy.

Jax is OK. I am seeing that he swims his way back to the island.

It looks like Jason is the one to tell Liz that Emily is dead. She'll go to the house to help Nikolas and grieve for her friend.

Is Sam sinking to new lows? Maybe. RUMORS have her digging into Liz while Elizabeth is grieving over Emily. As Elizabeth is holding Emily's dead hand, Sam is said to lay into Liz when she can't seem to find Lucky.

Where in the World is Lucky Spencer? Not sure about this one but I am seeing that he hides out in one of the rooms at Wyndamere, not wanting to face anyone now that Jake's paternity is out. The RUMORS say he drinks himself away and no one knows where he is. They go on to say that he'll resurface right before Emily's funeral.

Luke has another heart attack! RUMORED to happen when he hears that Emily has been murdered.

Nikolas has flashbacks to Emily's murder? That's the latest out there. He's said to flashback to killing her. He also has dreams of dancing with Emily and there is one with a rope involved. Robin goes to check on Nikolas who is said to not attend the funeral.

Do the Q's blame Jason? Although it looks like Nikolas is the main suspect, the Quartermaines may be blaming Jason for Emily's death. There's a RUMOR that he's banned from her funeral. Sonny and Kate are said to attend the funeral where Monica is RUMORED to let Sonny have it. Jason is said to have a hard time after his sister's death. Elizabeth gets through to him and there is a RUMORED scene with Elizabeth, Jason and the boys at the penthouse.

Are the RUMORS about Nikolas being the presumed killer false? I've seen the PCPD have him as suspect #1 and Jason believes Nikolas killed his baby sister but will everyone else think ZaCrazy did the deed? This should be why the Q's blame Jason. They think Emily died because of Jason's business.

What about ZaCrazy? RUMOR has it that he'll take a dive. AZ may be the one going over the parapet but he'll land on the awning. Who gives him the push? Jason of course! AZ is said to be in a coma.

TURKEY DAY EPISODE! Well on actual T-Day, its a reapeat of Luke and Laura's wedding from last November. The day before is GH's Thanksgiving. Coop at the Scorpio Thanksgiving? Patrick un-invited by Robin?

Lulu's moving back in.....with Logan!