Cameron Mathison Eliminated!

Cameron Mathison survived the shocking elimination of Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan (see clip above) only to be eliminitated two weeks later. Since we daytime fans have obvious biases pro and con we've posted an unbiased recap of Cameron's performance from MSNBC below. (For a full recap of the night click the link).

"His own biggest fan: Cameron Mathison was certain this was his week “to bring home a 10” with the Viennese waltz or cha-cha, not his week to go home. And evidently he thought he deserved perfect marks the week before, too. Hey, that’s why the stars don’t judge their own performances. That’s not to say he can’t dance — his partner Edyta Sliwinska has made enormous progress with him over the last seven weeks — but he never mastered ballroom finesse. Still, it’s a shame to see SuperCam fly away before ... ahem ... certain other dancers."

At the time of this posting we couldn't find an actual clip of Mathison's elimination but as soon as we do we'll post it.

What did you think of Cameron's performance? Did he deserve to be eliminated or did he deserve to stick around another week?